Featured Bus – March/April 2016

108 - Floriade
Bus 108 in its original Floriade special livery

Bus 108 is a Renault PR100.3 bus with body by Austral Denning, Brisbane.

It entered service with ACTION on 8 July 1994, with a special livery promoting Floriade, Canberra’s annual flower festival.

In October 2005, the Floriade design was replaced by an all over advertising wrap for Heineken. This would be followed by six other advertising wraps – the highest number of AOAs to be applied to a single ACTION bus.

In June 2014, Bus 108 was fully repainted into the standard ACTION white/orange/blue livery.

Further details:

108 - Telstra
Bus 108 in 2006 advertising Telstra Big Pond.
Bus 108's latest advertising livery (Image: @actbusspotter)
Bus 108 advertising ActewAGL