ACT Bus is a transport enthusiast website which has operated since 2005. As buses were the primary mode of public transportation in Canberra at the time of establishment, our site carries a heavy focus on ACTION Buses.

We aim to provide a well documented account of ACTION’s history in the capital through photographs and articles as well as collecting current photographs and information in order to preserve this data into the future.

Our site is split into a number of key areas:


  • Information – Current route directions, fares, bus specifications, news, media releases, infrastructure and tourist information.
  • History – Historic route directions, timelines, services, events, infrastructure and fleet details as well as articles from historic and more recent publications.
  • Information on our bus restoration projects


  • Around 4,000 photographs of buses currently in the ACTION Fleet
  • Over 600 historic photographs of former ACTION Buses
  • Over 900 items in our history album comprising historic timetables, documents, reports – even bus handbooks!
  • Comprehensive ‘tagging’ to allow users to easily access photos of buses in certain locations, operating a particular route or of certain models.


  • Individual articles on over 460 current ACTION Buses
  • Individual articles for over 1000 former ACTION Buses
  • Complete fleet lists for both current and former buses
  • All articles categorised for easy cross-reference.


  • Sign up for free and discuss all aspects of transport in Canberra
  • It’s not all about transport – discuss Canberra in general, play games, and meet others with an interest in transport!

Site Timeline

  • 2005 – Site established on a free 5mb Geocities server
  • 2006 – Site moves to actbus.bur.st
  • 2006 – Route listings added (December)
  • 2006 – ACT Bus Gallery launched (December)
  • 2007 – ACT Bus Forum launched (December)
  • 2008 – Site moves to actbus.net (October)
  • 2008 – ACT Bus Wiki launched (November)
  • 2009 – RATEC site moves to ACT Bus Server (March)
  • 2009 – Due to growth, the site moves onto a Content Management System. (December)
  • 2012 – Site moves to a larger server to allow future growth (April)
  • 2018 – RATEC sub-site removed from ACT Bus
  • 2018 – Canberra Metro Trams added to Gallery and Wiki


We’re keen to expand our website and if you would like to help in any way, please get in touch. We are always happy to accept submissions, revisions, requests, compliments and complaints. Sign up through our forum or contact us.

ACT Bus has been recognised by the National Library of Australia, who selected our site to become a part of the Pandora Web Archive Project. As a result, the ACT Bus Website will be regularly archived onto the NLA’s servers, which means they can be accessed by researchers, online, even if our site is offline. You can access the ACT Bus record at Pandora here. The site is archived each eighteen months.

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