Where can I get a MyWay Card?
You can buy a standard (adult fare) MyWay card preloaded with $20 from selected ACTION ticket agents, MyWay Recharge Agents or online. Passengers entitled to concession fares (excluding students) must attend a MyWay Centre or Canberra Connect shopfront to have their concession details recorded on their MyWay card.

What about Student Cards?
Student MyWay cards can be ordered online or from a MyWay centre where student details must be provided. Students of Daramalan College, Marist College, Canberra High School, Gungahlin College or Covenant College can place on order for their card through the school.

Tertiary students also have the option of applying for their MyWay card at the ANU or University of Canberra MyWay agents.

What is the equivalent of Faresaver 10 cards?
There isn’t one. However, the MyWay fare will not exceed the cost of an equivalent Faresaver ticket. For example, for adults the maximum cost of ten individual rides will be the same ($2.52 per ride) or less.

When do the off-peak fares apply?
Off-peak fares are charged when you commence a trip between 9am – 4.30pm and after 6pm on weekdays, as well as all day on weekends and public holidays.

What are daily fare caps?
MyWay ensures that your total fare on a single day will not exceed the daily ticket fare. On weekdays, Adults won’t be charged more than $7.60 per day whilst Concessions and Students won’t be charged more than $3.80 per day. On weekends and public holidays the daily fare cap is $4.60 for Adults and $1.70 for Concessions and Students.

What are monthly fare caps?
Once you take more than 36 paid trips in a calendar month (or 26 paid trips for school students), any further trips during the month are at no cost as long as the MyWay card is tagged on and off for every ride.

Will cash fares still be accepted?

Is the 90 minute transfer still available on cash fares?

What’s the go with tagging on and off?
Passengers need to tag on when boarding the bus and tag off when disembarking the bus by holding their MyWay card to the smartcard reader. Tagging off not only means you will pay the cheapest fare available to you, but it also provides ACTION with valuable planning data to improve bus routes.

What if I forget to tag off?
You will be charged a default fare of $4.00

Why are the readers at a low height?
The height is due to mobility requirements.

Do I need to take my MyWay card out of my wallet to use it?
Provided there are not similar cards that may interfere with the communications of your MyWay card, you should be able to leave your card in your wallet. Check the reader display and listen for the tone to confirm that your tag has been successful.

Can I keep the MyWay card on a lanyard?
As long as you don’t punch a hole in the card, yes.

Can the card be used to pay for taxi fares?

Can someone else use my card?
MyWay cards can be used by anyone. Concession card holders who wish to use MyWay must register their concession card with MyWay and provide evidence that they are entitled to concession travel.

What do I do if I lose my card?
Call MyWay on 13 17 10

How long will the card be valid for?
Two years from the date of your last travel or recharge.

Will existing School Term tickets have to be swapped?
No. Current School Term tickets will be accepted until the end of Term 1 2011. From Term 2, all School students will be charged $0.95 per trip on school days and $1.26 non school days. Note that there is a 26 paid fare trip cap in a calendar month for school students.

Can cards be replaced if damaged or lost?
Yes. Contact MyWay on 131 710. If you registered your card online, you are able to transfer the balance of your old card to your new one.

What are the advantages of the new system?
ACTION’S current ticketing machines are outdated and unreliable, and replacement parts are no longer available. MyWay uses smartcard technology, which allows users to hold value in their cards and top them up in shops, over the phone, online – even automatically via auto-load.

Boarding times will improve and the system will provide ACTION with more complete data which can be used to deliver better timetables.

A discount of 5% is awarded to passengers who recharge their card via BPAY and Autoload.

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