This is how you should present your card to the reader on board.

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MyWay Card

Use this form to purchase a standard MyWay card.

Your card will be sent to the address you provide in this form. One card only may be purchased at a time. $1.50 postage fee applies.

You can also purchase cards pre-loaded with $20 at selected ACTION Ticket Agents, MyWay Recharge Agents or through Canberra Connect Shopfronts and MyWay Centres located at the City Bus Station and Westfield Belconnen Station.


Check your balance

You can check your balance online or by calling 13 17 10 or visiting a MyWay centre, recharge agent or Canberra Connect shopfront. Your balance is also displayed on MyWay readers when you tag-off. Please ensure that you do not hold up your fellow passengers when checking your card balance.

Please note that if the yellow light appears on the reader while tagging on or off, your card has a balance below $10. If the red light appears, your card may not have sufficient credit and you will need to pay a cash fare.


Student Concession Cards

Students attending one of the participating schools (Daramalan College, Marist College, Canberra High School, Gungahlin College and Covenant College) should contact the school who will arrange to place an order on behalf of the student. Cards will be returned to the school who will then issue the cards to the students.

$1.50 postage fee applies to Tertiary Student cards.


Register your MyWay Card

Use this form to register your standard MyWay card


Add funds to your MyWay card

Credit card top ups can be made through the MyWay website or by phoning MyWay on 13 17 10.

Top ups from cheque or savings accounts can be made through your financial institution’s BPAY service. Note that these transactions will take at least 3 business days before the credit is available on the MyWay card.

You can also pay in person at MyWay Recharge Agents Canberra Connect Shopfronts or MyWay Centres. You can top up with cash (minimum of $5.00, strictly $5.00 increments only) or via EFTPOS or credit card ($20.00 minimum). Payments made in person will be added to the MyWay card straight away.

You can set up an autoload amount to be deducted from your bank account when your MyWay card balance falls below $8 (standard) or $5 (concession). Autoload recharges your MyWay card as soon as the travel balance reaches the minimum amount. Autoload allows you to set and forget the MyWay card or make adjustments as your circumstances change.

If your payment is declined, the Autoload funds will be reversed and your MyWay card may be unusable.

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