How you can help


Have you got any transport memorabilia around the house? The club greatly accepts donations of materials relating to public transport and Commonwealth Cars in Canberra. Here’s some of the things we’re interested in:

  • Photographs (including digital, hard copy, slides and negatives)
  • Bus timetables, route directions, maps, brochures, magazines and plans
  • Old uniforms and accessories (badges etc)
  • Notes and documents about the bus and ComCar fleets
  • Bus tickets and passes

If you have any items you would like to contribute, or if you’re not sure if we’d be interested in something you have, please contact us.

We want your photos!


Do you have ACTION, ComCar or Canberra Airport photographs, slides or negatives?

The Club is looking to expand its photograph collection, and we’re hoping you can help out. You can email us your digital photos, but we can also arrange for hard copy photos, slides and negatives to be scanned and returned to you.

In addition to being held on the computer in the clubhouse for members to browse, we would also like to add photos to our online photo gallery – thus, it’s important that any photos are your own work, or that you have permission from the photographer to submit their work. Any photos added to the online gallery can have a photographer’s credit added.

f you have hard copy photos that you can loan to the club for scanning, please drop them off at the club in a clearly marked box or envelope, so we can make sure they’re returned to you. (Note – depending on the response, scanning may take a number of weeks)
To find out more about submitting digital photos, or to find out about having your hard copy photos scanned, get in touch.