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USA and other Imports

Started by Buzz Killington, December 28, 2007, 04:12:20 pm

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Buzz Killington

December 28, 2007, 04:12:20 pm Last Edit: April 25, 2011, 10:16:27 pm by Buzz Killington
There are stores around the ACT region that stock products imported from the US and elsewhere - namely drinks and confectionery.

These products include Classic Coke, Dr Pepper, Jolly Rancher Drinks, Fanta (Other flavours) and plenty of chocolate bars - everything from cookies n cream kit kats, to fifth avenue bars and peanut butter m&m's

So basically, if you know of any stores that stock these kinds of imported goodies, let us know the store, and what they have!

Sir Pompously

Palmerston IGA has candy/confec. A very nice range too. Otherwise go to which has more than anyone can imagine in terms of American food and drinks.


the hub in tuggeranong used to have peanut butter m&m's, but they havent had them for ages.
but they do have hersheys chocolate bars. hurrah.

Sir Pompously

Yes, Hub is great, especially for anything Asian such as Calpis Water, Sangaria range of Soda's, Pocky Sticks, Different flavoured Kit Kats, various lollies. I asked at the Monash IGA About the American stuff and said other stores had been stocking it, and they just looked at me funny. I think I might head to Gowrie and see what they have (Apart from an old Foodtown sign outside).

Buzz Killington

well of course they looked at you funny, the IGA stores are all independent. Each store decides individually what lines the stock.

But yeah.. went into hub the other day, got some fanta (grape, and strawberry). I saw cookies n cream and caramel kit kats, but 3.85 wax just too much for one normal sized four-finger pack.


that usafoods site has a retail store in melbourne?!?!?! woot!!

i shall check it out for ya'll next time i'm there.

amd i'll check out isabella iga on wednesday?

Sir Pompously

Thats where USA Foods started I believe, at their store in Melbourne. I have not been there since I found the site however, but next time I am there I will be having a field day!

They also have Vanilla Bean at Hub, Ryan. The Caramel ones are from Japan, and very nice IMO (Vanilla Bean is also nice). Also,where did you see the Fanta Grape in Hub? I have only seen the Sangaria range of drinks (And one or two other Japanese brands), and hell if I can get the fanta (Which tastes ten times better) I will buy that. Also give Sangaria Melon (Fanta also has a Melon version) a go, its quite refreshing And yes I know IGA Stores are independant (Independant around the world), however I believe it is USA Foods that is stocking them, as I did get an email from them stating something about stocking IGA's.


I recall in my younger years (a few years ago), they used to sell "Big Red" cinamon chweing gum, somwhere, but I can't for the life of me remember where I got it from, and when I do, I'll let you all know, mind you, this was years ago when american foods were difficult to obtain, but I can't help but think that the place that sold that also sold numerous other USA food products.

Today (as far as I know), "Big Red" is avaliable in large chain supermarkets, namely Woolworths.

Buzz Killington

todd - the fanta is in the fridge on the right hand wall when you walk in through the registers. They had grape and strawberry, i got the last grape but im sure they'll restock.

RR - Big Red is a limited edition product that pops up every now and then.


Big Red has been widely available for years.

Coles regularly stocks it. Wrigleys made it for a while i think, and not to mention cinnamon eclipse..also american big red is available at IGA city west and has been there for at least a year.


go to Sydney and go to harbourside  shopping centre and go to the British lolly shop and they have  british  lollies and also here is pic of my fav drink from the uk   ;D

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Buzz Killington

they have cherry coke at the IGA in civic.

tastes like shit.

Sir Pompously

Cherry coke is the best next to Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, which is now discontinued! And have been to the Lolly Shop in Harbourside, it is good for all different British choccies (Especially Dairy Milk range, including Creme Egg flavoured bars ;)) and also some American and British Drinks. Last I saw they had Cherry 7UP, Dr Pepper, Cherry Coke and TAB.


Yeah, I thought Big Red was slightly rare, thanks for that infio Ryan.


Cherry 7UP? :o

Dr Pepper :D


so, yesterday i went to that usa foods shop in melbourne.


and they had cherry coke. I stayed the hell away from it.

Buzz Killington

whoever finds me passionfruit fanta somewhere gets a special prize


Tempting, tempting indeed.....

Todd mentioned to me a type of drink, it may have in fact been Fanta, but it was avaliable in numerous flavours, mmmmmmmmm.....


January 11, 2008, 07:26:32 pm #17 Last Edit: April 25, 2011, 10:18:17 pm by Buzz Killington
TUGHUB was scouted out again today, the FANTA GRAPE ticket is gone and has been replaced by some asian drink like lychee or something.

FANTA STRAWBERRY remains and was apparently in stock today but none was left when I went, it is assumed someone bought the last one and probabl reffered to it as strawberry rasa.

Also the asian shop in homeworld DOES NOT sell fanta.

However i discovered HUB sells pineapple soft drink in a green can with oranges on it, costs like $1.20 or something, not bad, not bad at all.

Buzz Killington

might check out palmo IGA tomorrow

Sir Pompously

John, it was a list of Fanta by Country. The one I would have shown you would have been Japan.

The Japanese word itself is in kana on the far left, followed by the transliteration, followed by the English translation of the word. Melon fanta is extremely popular among American service members and their families stationed in Japan.

Quoteオレンジ - orenji/Orange
グレープ - gureepu/Grape
メロン - meron/Melon
メロンソーダ - meron sooda/Melon Soda
トロピカルフルーツ - toropikaru furuutsu/Tropical Fruits
すもも - sumomo/Plum
クラブソーダ - kurabu sooda/Club Soda
アップル - appuru/Apple
レモン - remon/Lemon
ゴールデングレープ - gooruden gureepu/Golden Grape
フルーツパンチ - furuutsu panchi/Fruit Punch
パインフルーツ - pain furuutsu/Pine Fruits (pine = pineapple)
アップルミックス - appuru mikkusu/Apple Mix
ストロベリー - sutoroberii/Strawberry
パインアップル - painappuru/Pineapple
ピーチ - piichi/Peach
トロピカルパンチ toropikaru panchi/Tropical Punch
青りんご - ao ringo/Green Apple
マスカット - masukatto/Muskat Grape
ガラナ - garana/Guaran?
グレープフルーツ - gureepufuruutsu/Grapefruit
スカッシュパンチ - sukasshu panchi/Squash Punch (Like a fruit punch. "Squash" = the verb "to squash")
クリアーパイン - kuria pain/Clear Pine (clear pineapple)
ゴールデンパイナップル - gooruden painappuru/Golden Pineapple
グリーンマスカット - guriin masukatto/Green Muskat Grape
クリアピーチ - kuria piichi/Clear Peach
南の島ブレンド - minami no shima burendo/South Island Blend
さっぱりリンゴ - sappari ringo/Refreshing Apple
すっきりライチ - sukkiri raichi/Clear Lychee
あっさりベリー - assari berii/Simply Berry
ファンキーレモンC - fankii remon C/Funky Lemon C
ラ・フランス - ra furansu/La France (La France = pear)
フルーティーグレープフルーツ - furuutii gureepufuruutsu/Fruity Grapefruit
ホワイトピーチ - howaito piichi/White Peach
ゴールデンアップル - gooruden appuru/Golden Apple
スウィーティー - suiitii/Sweety
さっぱりピーチ - sappari piichi/Refreshing Peach
ライチ - raichi/Lychee
ホワイトストロベリー - howaito sutoroberii/White Strawberry
ウィンターアップル - uintaa appuru/Winter Apple
フルーティーメロン - furuutii meron/Fruity Melon
スウィートグレープフルーツ - suiito gureepufuruutsu/Sweet Grapefruit
ビタミンCスカッシュ - bitamin C sukasshu/Vitamin C Squash
アミノサイダー - amino saidaa/Amino Cider (Amino acid)
みかん - mikan/Satsuma Orange
あんず - anzu/Apricot
ゆず - yuzu/Yuzu
ルートビアー - ruuto biaa/Root Beer
キウィ - kiwi/Kiwifruit
ハニーレモン - hanii remon/Honey Lemon
ラブズベリー - rabuzuberii/Raspberry
ホワイトバナナ - howaito banana/White Banana



i was in tughub today, they didnt have any fanta there...i left dissapointed, with my hersheys and peanut butter m&m's.


Todd checked out palmo IGA on christmas day, some chocolates only i believe.


Thats right, lol, a hell of a lot of Fanta there, ha ha.


More dissapointment to be had..

I went to Hub today and the fanta tickets were gone! I found it shortly after, turned around half behind another ticket, so obviously i took the ticket out, and put it back, under empty shelf space, with hope they would order more!

I also got a cookies and milk kit kat yesterday at GUNHUB and enjoyed that, they too had tickets for Fanta strawberry but not grape, and of course there was none to be found..

I tried my luck at Canberras own SUPA IGA today, but turned up no results, and left with a cookie dough kit kat chunky and IGA brand corn chips as substitute.

Im also told by a contact Richardson IGA does not stock these products either, so they're off the list.

I also peered into an asian shop in Dickson but could not see anything, but then I didn't actually go in

I say we launch a wide scale operation, go into every asian supermarket in canberra to find these products and every IGA possible.

So far:

Hub Tuggeranong - Known to stock fanta and kit kats at times
Hub Gungahlin - Known to stock at times fanta and kit kats

Kims Groceries (City Inter) - Neither..
The Asian Grocery place in Homeworld - Apparently stocked fanta but none was there when i went

IGA Palmo' - Apparently stocks USA Foods chocolates but not drinks
IGA CityW - Stocks dr pepper, classic coke and USA Foods chocolates/varying between availability
IGA Watson - Neither...
IGA Richardson - Neither...
IGA Monash - Neither...Gave strange looks upon being questioned about it

So go out there my people, spread the word!

By the way city west is selling expired jolly rancher drinks for 99c, so if u wanna try them, get in quick or it'l be $3.99 each!

Watermelon tastes like that watermelon fanta that WAS out, except not as sodery
Green Apple is a very sweet apple taste
the other one is not bad, blueberry or somethng..not bad but again very sugarry taste.

Buzz Killington

Checked out Palmo IGA, they have a good range of chocolates, but no drinks.


i'll check out isabella iga...

but i must say, i want to know where else apart from the hub (who doesnt always have it!) have peanut butter m&m's. They are the best things. EVER.

Buzz Killington

i think the asian supermarket at the fyshwick markets has them. City West IGA has them from time to time too i think. I'll check Palmerston IGA this week sometime.

mmmm.. peanut butter m&ms...

Sir Pompously

Palmerston has Junior Mints, Almond M&M's and Peanut Butter M&M's, plus much more (Especially peanut buttery) chocolate goodness.

Buzz Killington

went there this arvo. they had (IIRC)

Peanut Butter Twix, Almond m&m's, reeses cups, butterfinger, hersheys, milk duds, junior mints, big red, extra watermelon, extra cinnamon.

also went into gungahlin hub, and bubzie, they had a fair supply of peanut butter m&m's, plus an assortment of other (Squashed) bars such as three musketeers


Palmo also had 4 packs (like a giant bar) of P&B Twix's, plentifull supplies of three different kinds of big red gum, hershies milk, hershys milk with almonds, hershys cookies and cream and various bars.

Gunhub was sold out of all three kit kat varieties, still no fanta in stock, and DO NOT BY SARSI (MADE BY COKE) after being purchased ryan commented on the name SARSI (sarsperella) as I awaited hot chips in 'Sizzler Rooster' Gungahlin, i opened and smelled the air upon smelled like licorice, and it was indeed a very strong sarsparella. its vile!

But yes, they had their usual choccie range and all around $1.99

Also hub sells multipacks of mamee noodles for only $2.20 compared with $3.99 at woolies.


went to fyshwick markets 2day and went to the Asian shop there to get some resses pieces and look at the drinks i saw Dr Pepper so i brought a can & cannot remember how much it was :( so i tasted it and it reminded me Dr Pepper i had England and here the can sorry i drank it HA HA HA. they also had welches grape which i did not get.

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Sir Pompously

Yesterday Tuggeranong Hub had Fanta Grape and Strawberry in Stock.


Quote from: lukeo25 on January 18, 2008, 12:59:53 pm
went to fyshwick markets 2day and went to the Asian shop there to get some resses pieces and look at the drinks i saw Dr Pepper so i brought a can & cannot remember how much it was :( so i tasted it and it reminded me Dr Pepper i had England and here the can sorry i drank it HA HA HA. they also had welches grape which i did not get.

All Dr. Pepper varieties are available at City west in plentyfull stock for $1.99

WELL i spent $29 in sydney in one transaction on american candy!

I got:

Skittles Gum
Skittles Extreme? Gum
Skittles Tropical

Wintergreen Tic Tacs (taste like mouth wash)
Cinnamon Tic Tacs

Polar ice? Extra
Ice break gum
blueberry extra
mint three muskateers
lifesavers gummys
kit kat extra crispy caramel

and thats all i can remember..only drinks they had were classic coke and welchs. Plus drinks readily available in non canberra stores like spritz and many more juice varieties etc.


Today, Tughub had no fanta in stock at all.

Kit Kat stocks had however been replenished.

Sir Pompously

If anyone wants to try a weird drink from Tuggeranong Hub, look for Ramune Soda. It is in a glass bottle, right at the end second shelf from the top (Towards the freezers at Tuggeranong). The plastic cap is used as a pusher which pushes a marble into the bottle, and the marble can't escape (So it rattles around :P). It tastes and smells like blueberries. But make sure you open it on a flat surface as it can get abit messy :P


Quote from: Todd Milton on January 21, 2008, 07:10:24 pm
If anyone wants to try a weird drink from Tuggeranong Hub, look for Ramune Soda. It is in a glass bottle, right at the end second shelf from the top (Towards the freezers at Tuggeranong). The plastic cap is used as a pusher which pushes a marble into the bottle, and the marble can't escape (So it rattles around :P). It tastes and smells like blueberries. But make sure you open it on a flat surface as it can get abit messy :P

...or not  :P


i really was going to buy that today, i was :D

anyway, both tug and gun hub has lots of peanut butter m& the moment.

and i couldnt find any fanta at either store. i left dissapointed. (eating m&m's. lol)

and they had 'milk and cookies' kit kats at tug, not sure about gunners..woo.

and the asian grocery store at mawson has nothing at all..apart from pocky. i left even more dissapointed!!! :-)

Buzz Killington

City West IGA just filled up their stand:

Reese's Sticks (Milk and White), Reese's Cups, Butterfinger, 5th Avenue, Dark Peanut M&M's, Almond M&M's, Hershey's and Mike n Ike's are pretty much the extent of it at the moment


Bought those mike n ike's last night, not bad actually,pretty damn nice.

Also purchased 4 of 5 strawberry fantas at tug hub thismorning.




Todd, are you sure we both go to the same iga in monash? is there a second one i know nothing about?
For, i found ..those weird pellet type lollies. Ha.

Anyway, civic interchange iga only has drinks.

Andddd. tughub has new types of fanta, green apple, and grape soda..

Buzz Killington

i bought a grape one there months ago

green apple has me intrigued


yeah, i know, theres now two different types of grape fanta. intreging yes?

Anyway, the green apple one is actulary really really nice. That is all.


I purchased grape soda from gunhub last week. Its exactly the same as the one in the purple can except that this one is from hong kong or something instead of the purple can one which is Indonesian.

I also purchsed the other day...wait for doctor pepper cherry chocolate. which was quite interesting, but not for me. Also had a vanilla Jolt last week from EASTROW Supa IGA Which was good.

But apple fanta? well i might have to have a look around either King St Wharf Convenience Store or Haymarket Supa IGA


i have had dr pepper cherry vanilla which is nice got it from fyshwick markets a couple of weeks ago also you should see my can collection in my mini fridge different cans from different countries its quite cool 


haymarket iga doesnt have much candy and such last time i was there. It depresses me in its own way.

Sir Pompously

I have never seen anything exotic at IGA Monast Bubzie, but then again IGA's tend to hide the better stuff. Yes, Mathew, the white can is from Hong Kong. It also seems as though City West IGA no longer stock much, if any, USA foods. :(


Tonight I got

White choc reese's peanut butter cups which were nice
hersheys kissables which were shithouse plus the pack smells like vomit
and white toblerone which is pretty crap and im aware its not american.


yeah, i found one packet of usa lollies of some sort, which i brought when i saw them :D
...and i havent seen anything ever since..

thats dissapointing about city west. damn them!!1!

White choc peanut butter cups? yum..

good god, all this talk is making me hungry, i really need to have another trip up to sydney/melbourne to

hang on, i have a credit card, i could just order some from the usa food site. Hmm.


I have just ordered a few things off the USA foods site...

Choc Fudge Pop Tarts
Strawberry Pop Tarts
Twix Java
Stars and stripes soda - red and also grape as well.

delivery is about $10 for those interested in ordering stuff.

Sir Pompously

lol. Stars and Stripes Soda is nice, basically Creaming Soda and Grape soda. Poptarts, so much goodness in one little box. Java Twix, all I can say is 'TWWWWWIIIIIXXXXXXX!'.