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Hino Ponchos

Started by triumph, February 28, 2020, 11:10:26 pm

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There are only two Hino Honchos Nos 100 and 101 for the new route 903 to Strathnairn. Looking at the TT for services starting this Monday, there are some run overlaps which means both Honchos are needed to run the service. This implies that, regular buses from the fleet will appear from time to time when either or both of the Honchos are unavailable for service. 


Hino Poncho not Hino Honcho.


Quote from: Busnerd on February 29, 2020, 12:21:47 pmHino Poncho not Hino Honcho.
Aaaaargh! What was I thinking? Knew it was Poncho. Thanks for correction.


Experienced both Ponchos (100 and 101) today. In a nutshell, my impression was of a modernised 'Dart'.
Driver remarked no 'short stop' switch fitted and predicts handbrake left partially on issues.
Emergency full height door on right hand side. The graphics on the side of the bus have positioned the wheelchair symbol on this door. I don't think they mean it is the disabled access.
Being early runs on first day, both drivers were having difficulty judging how close the narrower vehicle was to the kerb with big gaps resulting. This will quickly resolve with practice.
Given the service to Strathnairn is free, it was surprising to see MyWay readers fitted. This implies that there is potential for fleet increases with use elsewhere. The present two buses would be fully occupied during the weekday, but there is potential to use them both in evenings and one at weekends on other services.
Ride quality was 'firm' - since specs say there are airbags, I expected a softer ride.
Specs say drum brakes, on a route service vehicle with frequent braking I was surprised disc brakes are not used. Did I read the wrong spec?
Drivers are TC employees, and presumably whilst underwritten, the buses are owned by TC.
See post on route service for other remarks.
I look forward to reading of others impressions.

Barry Drive

Quote from: triumph on March 02, 2020, 10:24:19 pmDrivers are TC employees, and presumably whilst underwritten, the buses are owned by TC.

This report from WIN News, says the developer (Suburban Land Agency/Riverview Projects) paid $500,000 for the two Ponchos and are covering running costs, other than drivers. (Sorry, can't embed Facebook videos.)

This media release also mentions the buses were "purchased", but doesn't state by whom.