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Started by Bus 400, July 04, 2015, 11:32:10 pm

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Bus 400

Here are a couple of photos of buses from New Zealands South Island.

From Christchurch is a bus just for the Purple line which runs from the Airport through the city to the foot of the hills to Sumner.

From Ferrymead Heritage Park is the ex-Christchurch trolley bus. They have a shed of them, but the time I was there the shed was shut.

Also at Ferrymead, is this tram runing around the "village". At the tram sheds, is a collection of old Christchurch buses. But my camera died when I went to photograph these buses.

Just out of Christchurch, in Governors Bay is this double decker.

To not leave Dunedin out, is this bus in Dunedin.

We finish off on the TransAlpine train that runs from Christchurch to Greymouth. Here is the train waiting at Otira for its banker engine up to Arthurs Pass. For a 5 carriage train, it consists of 2 engines & 1 banker. Coal trains consist of 30 carriages & have 2 engines & 3 bankers for this same journey.
For those who don't know what a banker is, it's another engine at the rear to either push the train from the rear or hold the train going down the hill from the rear.

Sir Pompously

Great shots however that Volvo trolley bus is in fact a Wellington City trolley bus in Stagecoach Wellington livery :-) The red livery looks much better on these