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Started by Bus 503, December 25, 2015, 08:47:48 pm

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Barry Drive

As in heated waiting rooms? Good question.

Have a look under the seats. You may find disconnected heaters. You should also be able to see the old door jambs.

Definitely 8 and 10. Probably 15, 12 & 4.

Belconnen and City Interchanges also had heated waiting rooms. Once.

Sylvan Loves Buses

If only those heaters still worked, would be another plus side to what makes a better bus interchange, esp cause of Canberra's freezing cold nights.

Bus 400

Platform 5 had a heater that worked, I recall spending many a winters afternoon waiting for the 62 in there.

As was the same in Belconnen, even just sitting in the shelters & closing the door helped to keep the wind & hus the cold out. It must be in the planning rules for Canberra that all bus stations must be in the coldest, windiest locations 🤤☃️😉

Sylvan Loves Buses

Must be, seeing how Dickson and the replacements of Belconnen have pretty much had that happen to them.

Another question:
At Tuggeranong between platforms 3 and 8, what is contained within
the panels on the inward side of the large pylons? As long as I've noticed they've always been locked.

Barry Drive

Good to see they've installed some proper bins at Woden Interchange rather than just exposed wheelie bins.


Canberra Museum + Gallery have an exhibition of photos and artistic works by Trevor Dickinson featuring the iconic concrete bus shelters designed in 1974 by Architect Clem Cummings.
The exhibition is in the upstairs Gallery space until 27th Jan, 2019.
The Museum (CMAG) is in the City next to Civic Library.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Just a fun little fact about the concrete bunker shelters for those who are interested.
I've tested this myself so far on three random shelters, and it seems that they're very resonant to a low and mid-range C# (138.6Hz and 277.2Hz) if you 'hum' or 'ooh' - loudly or softly doesn't matter. Even if you don't know where a C# is, just try humming sometime when you're in one and gradually increase/decrease pitch and you'll hear the magic!


The 3 sets of Ashley Dr stops have opened today, to be serviced by all passing routes