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Silver Fox

Started by smitho, October 06, 2014, 08:51:04 pm

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Silver Fox Bar and Grill is the name of the new establishment located in the former Curtin Superette, (in its most recent form, it was Delissio) on Theodore St; it has been trading for the past week or so.


Tried one of the Silver Fox's flat take-away Pizzas yesterday. It was really good.

Base was nice and thin and crisp - not fatty or sweet. Perfectly cooked.

Toppings were generous without being excessive, flavoursome and attractively laid out with a bit of greenery (herb) for good measure in the centre.

Best of all, the tomato didn't have much (or any) sugar in it....so often, pizzas from the big chains have heavily sugared sauce which really wrecks the taste. The dog gets the pizza in those cases!

Price is reasonable $22 large, $20 small. Waiting time @ 18h was 10 minutes. Staff attentive and friendly.

Buzz Killington

Sounds good - might have to give it a go next time I'm in the area.