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Ticket checking to resume

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Ticket checking to resume
« on: June 16, 2014, 02:26:32 PM »
ACTION have just announced the following on their website:

At ACTION, we want to ensure that public transport is fair and equitable for everyone. Whether you're a full fare payer, have a senior's card or another form of concession; we want to make sure you're not subsidising fare evaders.

We are introducing a new fare evasion program from Monday 23 June 2014.

Transport Officers will carry out spot checks of cash tickets and MyWay cards on board buses and when passengers embark or disembark at bus stops and stations. This will be much like what happens on many public transport systems around the world.

The Officers will check that MyWay cards have been tagged on, have enough credit and provide the right concession entitlement. They will also check that receipts for cash tickets are valid.

Passengers found not having paid the correct fare will be requested to make the correct payment by the Transport Officer, and may receive a verbal warning or be requested to leave the bus in certain circumstances. Following an education period, fines may also be considered for passengers that are identified as not having the correct fare.

ACTION Transport Officers will endeavour not to delay or disrupt any services whilst carrying out these checks.

Although we believe only a small minority of passengers carry out fare evasion, we expect the introduction of this proactive program will deter those who are not paying their fair share.

Let's make the bus a better place: be fair and pay your share.

For more information call 13 17 10 or have a read of our Fare Evasion FAQs.