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Photo of the Month - March 2014

Started by Barry Drive, February 16, 2014, 11:13:40 am

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Vote for Photo of the Month -

Bus 589 on Black Mountain (RATEC collection)
7 (87.5%)
Bus 515 on Cork St (Bus400)
1 (12.5%)
Bus 391 on Aspinall St (Bus400)
3 (37.5%)
Bus 108 on Alinga St (LWF)
4 (50%)
Bus 321 on Cohen St (LWF)
1 (12.5%)
Bus 407 & Bus 960 on London Cct (Sir Pompously)
4 (50%)
Bus 516 & Bus 468 on Northbourne Av (Sir Pompously)
2 (25%)
Bus 469 ok Cohen St (ACTbusspotter)
2 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 8

Voting closed: March 01, 2014, 12:31:07 am

Barry Drive

Nominations are now open for Photo of the Month for March 2014. In addition to being shown on the front page for a month (and added to the POTM archive), the winning photo will also be loaded to ACT Bus on Facebook and, if suitable, will be used as the cover photo for the ACT Bus Facebook page (subject to cropping). The winner and runner-up(s) will also be included in the Photo of the Year vote.

Same rules apply as for last month - a photo from the past will be selected as a starter photo. This photo will be included in the vote, but in the event of insufficient photos being submitted it will be used as the Photo of the Month on facebook and the website.

Here are the rules:
  • photo must be user's own work or submitted with permission of the photographer

  • where the photos have not previously been submitted - user may submit up to two photographs

  • in addition, a user may submit a photo which was previously submitted (by the same user) more than 12 months ago, provided that photo did not win Photo of the Month or Photo of the Year

The photographs must feature:
  • bus infrastructure (such as bus stop, bus station, bus depot) within the ACT / Queanbeyan region (location must be specified)

  • a bus from the ACT or Queanbeyan (taken within the region or a former ACT/Queanbeyan bus) where -
    • the bus is the main subject of the photograph (or features prominently)

    • the bus is in focus

    • the fleet or registration number of the bus is identifiable (or supplied by photographer if not visible in photograph)

If possible, user should supply date or month of photo.

Refer here for full ACT Bus photo submission conditions.

To ensure consistency, photos must be displayed with a width of 640 (or height if 640 if a "portrait" aspect). Photos narrower than 640 pixels will not be accepted; photos wider than 640 MUST use the option width=640 in the image tag - as follows "[img width=640]".

Submissions close midnight 22 February, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

A minimum of 4 photos must be submitted for voting to commence. Nominations may be extended if four have not been submitted, but at the end of the extended period if there are still fewer than 4 photos no vote will take place, all nominations will roll over to April 2014 and the starter photo will instead be used as the Facebook and Website photo of the month.

Barry Drive

This month's starter photo is again from the RATEC collection -

Bus 589 on Black Mountain on route 904. Can't give a date, but based on ZIB plate, CBS ad and full ACTION logo, it may be soon after it was added into service (1982-83).

The Love Guru

February 16, 2014, 02:21:16 pm #2 Last Edit: February 16, 2014, 02:22:39 pm by The Love Guru
Also note the very small mirrors that were replaced early in their life. I'd say you are very close to the right date.


There is also no grill for the drivers air conditioning. Another sign of early life for the 0305s.

Bus 400

February 16, 2014, 04:36:54 pm #3 Last Edit: February 17, 2014, 10:43:56 am by ACTbusspotter

While taking myself for a late night drive to Gundaroo (as we all do), I spotted Bus 515 on Cork Street in Gundaroo.

Bus 391 is seen on Aspinall Street in Watson

Barry Drive

Quote from: The Love Guru on February 16, 2014, 02:21:16 pm
Also note the very small mirrors that were replaced early in their life. I'd say you are very close to the right date.

Fairly sure the CBS ads were the first to appear on the O305s. Notice how the ad was sized to fit exactly. I'm thinking late 1982.


February 17, 2014, 11:21:23 pm #5 Last Edit: February 19, 2014, 01:48:50 pm by ACTbusspotter
My nominaions;

This AOA on 108 has come back to haunt us, but it is looking a little worse for wear.

And here, some supervisors tend to 321, which doesn't appear to be going anywhere in a hurry.

Sir Pompously

February 19, 2014, 01:31:26 pm #6 Last Edit: February 19, 2014, 01:49:40 pm by ACTbusspotter
Hey all!

BUS-407 (a MAN 18.320 with Custom CB60 EvoII Body) and BUS-960 (a Renault/MACK PR100.2 with Ansair body) are both seen on London Cct (West) due to the closure of the City Bus Station on Tuesday 18th Feb

BUS-516 (a Scania K360UA with Custom CB80 body) operating a Blue Rapid service and BUS-468 (a Scania K320UB 6x2 with Custom CB60 Body) operating a Red Rapid service are both seen at Platform 11 of City Bus Station due to the closure of the East Row portion of the bus station. All services were moved to Northbourne Avenue and Alinga Street


Barry Drive

Since one more photo will enable the voting options to increase to three, here is a re-submitted photo of Bus 469 on Cohen St. Originally submitted for February 2011.

Barry Drive

Barry Drive

The runner-up photos will both be eligible for the Photo of the Year vote, and will also be used as the ACT Bus cover photo on Facebook.