Canberra's Group Centres - Developments

Started by smitho, April 24, 2012, 11:58:55 pm

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Another sign of the trendification of the Curtin Group Centre: Club Lime (gym) is opening up in the downstairs portion of the retail precinct where retail chain, J B Youngs, was located for many years. In more recent years, portions of this area have been used by an antiquarium bookshop and by the Netspeed company.

Other recent openings in Curtin (over 2011-12); an organic greengrocer, an art gallery, the Red Brick cafe...and soon to come, Bendigo Community Bank.

Bus 400

The Kambah Group Centre (not Kambah Village) looks to be getting its first retail businesses (besides the old Post Office). I'll have a look at the map in the coming days. I know for certain that some people are locked into their leases, but I don't know who.

I suppose this counts, but there are also plans for more shops at the Charnwood Group Centre. These are to be across the road from McDonald's (that's what I was told). A certain fast food chicken place is also locked in as a tenant. But we'll just have to wait & see how it all goes first.


Was at the Chisholm Group Centre today and noticed the Greengrocer shop was closed up; now quite a few vacant shops in this centre although Coles was doing a roaring trade; used to be pretty quiet on weekdays.

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Have heard a rumor that Kmart will be joining Supabarn and Aldi at Casey