[SA] Adelaide Metro - new ticket machines

Started by Barry Drive, June 20, 2012, 01:08:53 pm

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Barry Drive

Quote from: Bus 400 on June 17, 2012, 07:54:01 pm
Something that has changed since my last visit is that with the introduction of the new ticketing system & ticket machines on the trams. The clippees aren't used like they use to. I've only seen the Citadis Trams with old ticket equipment & these are the only trams that the Clippees sell tickets on. So once the new ticket system is fully rolled out. I suspect Sydney (for a short time I suspect) will be the only city in Australia with Clippees on the trams.

Not sure that's quite right. Yes, the trams are being fitted with ticket machines. There are still conductors on the trams with the machines - but they no longer remain on the tram in the Free zone in the City. You may notice conductors getting off at South Terrace on the up and getting back on the down.

The vending machines look like this (from a train):


Purchased an Adelaide Metrocard while over there for Christmas break.

Used it on various bus and train routes; worked well and didn't notice anyone else using smart cards have the slightest problem with them.....certainly not the comparatively high proprtion of 'bad reads' which seems to afflict the MyWay system.