[Japan] Keihan Electric Railway, Kyoto (On street EMU running)

Started by Sir Pompously, December 16, 2011, 02:46:49 pm

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Sir Pompously

Went for a whirlwind visit to see my friend who is currently studying in Kyoto, and got a chance while he was at uni to head down and snap photos of the Keihan Keishin Line and Keihan Ishiyamadera Sakamoto line. Keihan is a large private operator of buses and trains in the Kyoto, Osaka and Shiga areas in Kansai and operate (At least) three different railways, Keihan, Eizan and Randen. Some Keishin line trains start off on the Tozai Subway Line (Great for me as I was staying at Karasumaoike where there is a Tozai and Karasuma line station) and continue through onto the Keishin line, terminating at Hamaotsu. This line winds through the hills with a singular tunnel, and at one point you pass over the JR line tunnels that just cut straight through the mountains. The line winds through housing and rests between small roadways, meaning many sharp and slow curves to get you to lake level (Or near enough to it). Eventually the line turns onto a main street where it runs down to the off street station of Hamaotsu. Keishin line trains terminate here, but they share a platform with Ishiyamadera Sakamoto line trains that also perform on street running for a short section of track between Hamaotsu and Miidera towards Sakamoto.

For the Ishiyamadera Sakamoto line I only did the Sakamoto portion of the line. Next time I will have a ride on the Ishiyamadera section.

Keihan 800 series EMU 801 leads its train towards Kamisakaemachi on the on street running section of the line from Hamaotsu (Keishin line)

Keihan EMU 702 is seen at Omijingumae

Keihan EMU 614 is seen in a very colourful livery, and is seen departing Miidera

Keihan EMU's 611 and 615 are seen at Hamaotsu station

For stations without proper barriers, to touch on and touch off with an IC card you can use one of these stand-alone machines. Blue is for touch on, Yellow is for touch off

A view of two Keihan 700 series EMU's and Nishigori Depot

Keihan EMU 604 is seen joining the on street running section of track at Miidera

A Keihan 600 or 700 series EMU is arriving at Keihan Hamaotsu station in a very colourful livery

A Keihan 800 series EMU is seen arriving into Keihan Hamaotsu station, where it will terminate and then make a run back towards Kyoto

A Keihan 600 series EMU is seen crossing a canal after departing Miidera station

As well as one video of a 700 series EMU on the road to Miidera: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kommissar_todd06/6504835921/in/photostream

Thanks for viewing!!