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Osaka Subway and Shinkansen

Started by Sir Pompously, May 08, 2011, 07:58:01 pm

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Sir Pompously

As posted on ATDB in the International section, but I am not sure if many of us really look in there other than me.

Some videos of JR Shinkansen ("Bullet Train") multiple units, as well as an Osaka Subway train that sounds really cool!!

N700 series on a Nozomi Service passes through Himeji at high speed

A 300 Series Shinkansen departs Himeji. The 300 is one of the loudest Shinkansen's and has a great sound to it

JR Central 700 Series Shinkansen departs Himeji

My favourite Shinkansen of them all, a 500 Series departs Kobe on a Kodama service to Osaka

And last but not least, a very cool sounding Subway train departs Shinsaibashi Station on the Osaka Subway's Midosuji line