TWU WA-What sideshow alley dickhead came up with this idea?

Started by Bus 400, September 11, 2010, 11:43:27 pm

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Bus 400

Since Canberra has had its history of rock throwers & no one evers wants to encourage them, well this article comes from the Transport Workers Union, WA Branch.

What sideshow alley dickhead came up with this idea?

With all the song and dance in the media about dills throwing stuff at buses and trucks you'd think some people would take the hint.
At a Gloucester Park meeting of almost a thousand bus drivers in September a driver tipped us off that a so-called 'crazy bus' would be at the Royal Show.
Some Sideshow Alley dickhead had come up with the idea of getting people to pay money to throw things at a bus.
Hit a passenger through one of the windows and you win a prize.
Outraged, we called the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) who run the Show and, assurances were given that the crazy bus would not be there.
So, it came as a complete surprise when a rather pissed off driver rang to tell me the bus WAS at the Show.
This pissed ME off too!
I rang the RAS who tried pretty hard to fob it off in legalese. 'Oh we found we couldn't kick them out as we already had a contract for this year' and so on.
I got hold of the media and with a photographer in tow went in search of the crazy bus.
When we arrived and started clicking pictures, a 'gentleman' suggested that we were the bastards who were trying to close him down.
I asked the old fart if he had any idea of the things that had been going on with people throwing stuff at buses and a driver recently losing his eye, etc.
He said he hadn't and frankly didn't give a stuff.
I then went down to the RAS headquarters to ask them ever so nicely to close the idiotic bus down.
The liaison lady had decided to disappear so I left messages for her to call me.
She eventually did and again stated that the crazy bus would not be back at next year's show.
I said I certainly hoped not and warned that we would be there to check.
And if it was there, there would be NO public transport for the show. We would black ban the site for the duration. It's now in their court so to speak.

Hopefully the Royal Canberra Show doesn't get something like this.


Ah, come on, that's like saying the shooting gallery at the Royal Canberra Show (the one where you have to shoot down four moving metal ducks off four shots with a pellet rifle to win a prize) encourages violence, animal cruelty and mass murder.

This country is PC enough as it is.


I actually agree with the TWU, knowing how bogan most carney patrons are, these are the people who would throw rocks at buses.