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Canberra Transport Museum

Started by CTM, February 26, 2019, 10:07:41 pm

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With the recent demise of the Retired ACT Transport Employees Club, a large void has been left in Canberra's transport preservation needs. Over the recent months, a group of transport enthusiasts in Canberra has worked hard to get a new transport preservation organisation up and running.

The objects of Canberra Transport Museum Inc are;
A) To encourage and preserve by means of restoration, maintenance, operation and display, examples of Canberra’s heritage and historic transport vehicles and associated memorabilia.

B) To foster interest in Canberra's transport heritage, its vehicles, technology and environment in which they operated.

C) To ensure a secure future for all preserved items of significance and to make them available for the public to enjoy.

Over the coming months we have lots of exciting things happening with the museum. Memberships will soon be opening up and we encourage anyone who is interested to join and get involved with the museum.

This account is not monitored, and will be used for announcements only, for museum contact please use email;

The 2019 Office Bearers are as follows;
President Zac Mathes (username Snorzac on ACT Bus)
Vice President Mathew Barber
Treasurer Todd Milton (username Sir Pompously on ACT Bus)
Secretary Hugh Burns
Members Representative John Tokaji

Appointed Staff;
Museum Director Joshua Cox
Event Planner Brock Ginman (username King of Buses on ACT Bus)

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Stay tuned next week with a big announcement coming!!

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Buzz Killington

Great to see some commitment to Canberra's Transport heritage. Well done to all involved.

Sylvan Loves Buses

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Admin edit: This thread is about the CTM, not the luncheon club

Stan butler

Quote from: Sylvan Loves Buses on February 28, 2019, 08:23:33 am
Admin edit: This thread is about the CTM, not the luncheon club

What is the luncheon club?

Toyota Camry

I am waiting to see if there is announcement yet as to if the new Canberra Transport Museum will be taking over the remaining assets and depot of ARHS ACT or not; if so, it is strongly advised that the Canberra Transport Museum should stick to being a heritage operator, rather than trying to compete with operators such as Pacific National, QUBE and SCT.

I have provided a link below that is enlightening reading for the management of the Canberra Transport Museum; it will help guide them through learning of experience in how to run a successful operation.

Bus 400

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Canberra Transport Musuem (CTM) is a separate entity to the Canberra Rail Musuem (CRM), which is the replaced ARHS ACT.