Canberra City Newsagency Closes / Where to get TA Magazine?

Started by smitho, June 16, 2010, 07:01:50 pm

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Canberra City Newsagency (in the Centrepoint building, Civic) is closing down later this month - another victim of The Canberra Centre megopolis. It was the only newsagency I know of that sells 'Transit Australia' magazine in Canberra.

Buzz Killington

Split this out to get it noticed - I'm sure Transit Australia can be found elsewhere, and chances are at least one of our members will know where that is.

Sir Pompously

Ah well, welcome to the world of Queensland Investment Corp.

If you are desperate for TA you can always sign up for a subscription.

Barry Drive

The newsagent at Cooleman Court stocks Transit Australia magazine.


From TA:
Zachary -

This list is reasonably up to date, but probably includes the one that closed

Manuka Newsagency

Narrabundah (Keeley) Newsagency

Top Newsagency Shop G96 Woden Square

Southlands (Dirbeena) Newsagency Shop 6 Mawson

Cooleman Court Newsagency Sshop G5 Weston

Charnwood Newsagency Shop 4 Charnwood

Florey Newsagency Shop 3 Florey

Newsfront C/- n/xpress Belconnen Shop 114  Westfield Belconnen Town Centre

Tony Bailey

Barry Drive

Add Dickson newsagency to the list. Not sure about Florey though.