Artic troubles in the old Dart

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Bendy Buses withdrawn in Glasgow
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Bendy buses halted after three are injured

BUS operator Stagecoach has suspended use of its articulated 'bendy' buses following an incident that left three hurt.
Two passengers were treated at the scene for minor injuries and a third was taken to hospital.
A spokesman said: "The safety of our passengers and our people is our top priority and we are liaising closely with the vehicle manufacturer, Volvo, as part of our investigation into the incident, which is centring on the chassis legs and turntable that link the two parts of the bus.

Bendy buses have been plagued by numerous accidents and safety scares in recent years.

Last June, it was revealed that the articulated vehicles had been involved in nearly twice as many accidents as regular buses since they were introduced in London.

Aberdeen North MSP Brian Adam expressed similar concerns over the buses in a letter to the chief executive officer of FirstGroup, Moir Lockhead, which also operates the vehicles.

Barry Drive

No mention of what the incident actually was. Did someone not follow safety signs and place body parts (e.g. fingers) where they shouldn't have?