[Photos] Trams in Japan - Hiroshima and Kagoshima

Started by Sir Pompously, December 09, 2009, 09:23:35 pm

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Sir Pompously

December 09, 2009, 09:23:35 pm Last Edit: December 09, 2009, 09:24:47 pm by Sir Pompously
While in Japan, I have come across three tramway systems (Known by the American term 'Streetcar'), and have been able to have the chance to photograph two of them. The two I was able to get photos of was Hiroshima and Kagoshima.


Hiroshima Tram 3006 is seen crossing a bridge heading towards the Railway Station on Aioi Dori Ave.

Hiroshima GreenmoverMAX tram 5102 is seen crossing over a bridge on a route 1 service

Hiroshima Greenmover Tram 5004 is seen on Aioi Dori Ave crossing over a bridge. There are three types of 'Green' trams, Green Mover, Green Liner and Green Mover MAX.

Hiroshima Tram 702 is seen at Matoba Cho tram stop after leaving the main tram line which runs through the city

Hiroshima Tram 3805 is seen at a Tram Stop on Aioi Dori Ave


Some of Kagoshima's tramway system has tracks embedded in grass, tram 9510 is seen here near Kagoshima Chuo Railway station

The tram terminus at Kagoshima Railway Station, a much smaller station than that of Kagoshima Chuo station, which is a Shinkansen connection station

Kagoshima Tram 9513 crosses over Perth Dori Ave, named after its Sister City, Perth Australia and is in Aeon AOA

Kagoshima Tram 1017 is seen passing near Kagoshima Chuo Railway Station

Kagoshima Tram 2113 is seen passing Perth Dori Ave, with volcano Sakurajima quietly smoking in the Background

Buzz Killington

Really like that photo of the Green Mover Todd, very well done.


That Kagoshima tram looks pretty good. Nice photos.