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New Victorian Pizzeria chain in ACT

Started by smitho, February 02, 2012, 08:34:57 pm

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Tried pizza from the chain's recently opened Mawson (Southlands) Shop. Very good quality and pretty cheap.

They might give 'Crust' a run for their money.

Buzz Killington


Quote from: Buzz Killington on February 03, 2012, 05:34:13 pm
..which chain is it? Encore?

Yes, that's it. I think they have 3 outlets in trhe ACT......

Buzz Killington

Four. Got their menu in the letterbox yesterday :)

I really enjoy pizza from Capers Pizza. They're only on the northside though, hope they open up on the southside as they are much better than Crust, Pizza Hut and Dominoes.


I'll look out for Capers - thanks. You don't mention what you think of Crust.....

Buzz Killington

Sir Pompously

That would be Pizza Capers, Buzz. Pizza Capers is very very nice. Encore is ok, not great. Had it once and probably won't have it unless I need it. Crust is good, especially when I play around with the ingredients to make it better. Have had a couple of send backs though with crust, which I have not had elsewhere.


Haven't tried Encore yet, but I have had both Capers and Crust. I don't mind Capers but I find there is usually a little too much going on in their Pizza, Crust I find is usually really good.


In franchise news Pizza Capers has finally opened it's first Sydney stores in Miranda. I personally have never had a problem with crust, beautiful pizza just pricey. Never heard of Encore...


Only tried Dominoes once and I tossed most of the pizza out. Main objection...heaps of sugar in the 'tomato' base. Yuk!


I have never tried crust but i was looking at the website and I am not a huge fan of the gourmet scene.


About twelve months ago dominos had to be the worst pizza around, now seemingly they have picked up their game and are one of the best mainstream chains around, that said pizza hut has gone downhill in the last twelve months.

Bus 400

On top of the Crust coming to Charnwood, I've heard that Encore has been signed in the same new complex. A national fast food is also likely to sign up.


I reckon Encore beats Crust for dead, both in quality and price.