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Where's The Best Place For Coffee?

Started by Bus 400, June 25, 2009, 11:31:40 pm

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Bus 400

Since I've noticed quite a few drivers drink coffee, including a few top drivers buying me some. I thought who makes the best coffee for the price?

From my vast experience,
-McDondals-Charnwood is in my top 1/4
-Gloria Jeans-Myer Tuggers takes all right without sugar as does Michels Erindale
-Michels Lanyon was too b****y hot
-The one near Platform 16 at Woden Interchange is also quite nice (& see it has an ACTION connection being in the interchange)
-The one next to City Info Place is also nice
-Food With Flair is great just like another one near City West that one other board member knows of (but I forget the name).

Buzz Killington


New coffee shop The Red Brick in Curtin Shops (facing Carruthers) is very good.

So is the new Greek owned coffee & food shop in the former Coffee Guru shop facing Woden Town Square...latter attracts good ACTION driver patronage and is handy to the interchange.


I like the Coffee Guru at Gungahlin, I am one of their loyal customers, but the best coffee in Canberra is made at McDonalds Gold Creek....(When I am working or someone I have trained is working :P)

Sir Pompously

Ha, yeah right Mac (If it is anything like your piss poor attempt at a Sundae :) ). Good Coffee is normally made by Audrey in the Qantas Club/Business Lounge. Used to work at Velluto in the arrivals hall, and I believe he is an award winning barista!


I am also award winning....

On a side not, who is that in my display picture?


Zac, Crew member of the month or most improved awards do not count

I am here:,151.076989

Sir Pompously

An award from a fast food chain is not really anything to celebrate, in fact all it does is look good on your resume and that's about it.......