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Dominos or Pizza Hut

Started by Buzz Killington, April 05, 2009, 05:40:00 pm

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3 (50%)
Pizza Hut
3 (50%)

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Buzz Killington

Out of the two major chains, what's your favourite

And yes, we all know that 9/10 people say they're both shit, but anyway.


Bus 400

Pizza Hut-good quality & price to match

Sir Pompously

Pizza Hut, they havn't downsized their large Pizza to medium size. Also Pizza Hut pasta taste's alot nicer. Domino's also seem to get something wrong with the order everytime. They are the Hungry Jacks of the Pizza Chains, Ditzy Blokes and Stupid Blonde's that can't understand a 'Large Meatlovers' and Give you a Supreme instead.