The Guru's Restaurant Conversion Guide (Warning, Swears)

Started by Sir Pompously, March 08, 2009, 12:08:05 am

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Sir Pompously

By popular demand, I bring to you all "The Guru's" restaurant conversion guide. If any of you have been out with a famed gentleman, and wonder what he is talking about when he states a place to eat that is fast food, here is the perfect Guru to English conversion guide.

Mc Donald's - Mc Shit
KFC - KFShit
Red Rooster - Red Shit
Hungry Jacks - Hungry Shit
Subway - Subshit
Red Fish - Shit Fish
Channel Nine - Channel Shit (Wait, thats not a restaurant)
Oporto - Oportshit
Ali Baba - Ali Shit

We would like to thank all those for reading, and we hope this easy to use conversion guide will serve you all well.  :P

Buzz Killington

We should note that although he refers to them as shit, he still frequents these establishments

The Love Guru

I feel i need to address some of the incorrect titles given.

McDonalds - McShit, beacuse it is!
KFC -  C*** F***y Fried Chicken
Red Rooster - Red Rooter
Hungry Jacks - Filthy Jacks
Subway - Subshit
Red Fish ?????? Never heard of it
Channel Nine - Not reffered to as shit, just trash journalism
Oporto - No name for this one as i don't eat there
Ali Baba - Chew'n'Spew

I hope this helps people in understanding the Guru's language of fast food!


Should KFC Be Fuck? Cause all it Needs Is U!!! [/lame slogan]

Urbos Rider

April 03, 2009, 09:06:55 am #4 Last Edit: April 03, 2009, 09:09:20 am by Irisbus Rider
Ha, their new slogan!

I believe it is C*nt F*cky Chicken, replacing the * with a u :P