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Photo of the Month / Re: Photo of the Month - May 2018
« Last post by Busfanatic101 on Yesterday at 02:37:27 PM »

Bus 900, currently the oldest Renault PR2 in the fleet, prepares to operate a route 62 from Woden Bus Station (Feb, 2018)

QCity Pie Cart 1796 operates school run 66 on Binowee Dr, Googong (March 2017)

Bus 639 with a black-handled DL2 operates school run 554 on Bugden Ave Fadden (Apr 2018)
Photo of the Month / Re: Photo of the Month - May 2018
« Last post by King of Buses on Yesterday at 11:36:25 AM »
So from me this month we have...

203 037 giving 508 a lift home from Woden Bus Station

400 departing Woden Bus Station.

and 313 at Woden on a 171 to the City... in PM peak. #destofail
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Barry Drive on Yesterday at 09:41:28 AM »
Yeah, the challenge is to remove "indirect" running which has little patronage and which can deliver more efficient services.

Some loop streets like Louisa Lawson and Templestowe are too significant to cut (IMO). Whereas Jim Pike / Callaway is an easy target, as is Livingston.

Goreen / Euree in Reid, while lowly patronised wouldn't achieve much savings if the 9 was redirected to run along Currong. (Also there's no frequent or rapid service nearby.)

I agree about the idea to consolidate 9 10 & 11 into 2 routes. I'm curious though as to where the Airport rapid service will terminate.
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Busfanatic101 on April 22, 2018, 09:39:11 PM »
*angry react*  >:(
That's what they all say  :P ;) ::)  "oh no not my street, so much patronage, so far from the alternative bus stop"...

Point taken  ;D

Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by King of Buses on April 22, 2018, 08:15:37 PM »
  • Templestowe Ave, (Conder, 19/319)

*angry react*  >:(

What they cut will come down to the amount of patronage, too. Templestowe has quite a bit of patronage, plus it's quite a distance (uphill) from/to Tom Roberts/the one stop that is in use Jane Sutherland/Paperbark to/from the top section of Conder - particularly the top of Eaglemont Retreat. What they COULD streamline is to operate via Humphrey St, in lieu of Jane Sutherland/Tom Roberts/Templestowe. You'd only gain 1 minute at most from that, though. I do not believe Humphrey St is approved for 14.5m buses, however (but it probably could be).

The other thing to bear in mind is that some routes/streets might seem pointless and targets to be cut, but many of those are the only way to get to other streets which need to be serviced to allow access to suburban shops, schools, or the other facilities.
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Busfanatic101 on April 22, 2018, 05:41:46 PM »

So, what next? Where is the fat in the current suburban route network? I can't think of many areas which would result in longer walking distances but faster journeys (not significantly faster anyway). But here's a few possibilities:
  • Bingley Cres, Fraser (just run Daley Cr)
  • Macrossan Cres, Latham
  • consolidate services to Higgins
  • Bruce - Fern Hill & CIT
  • Cossington Smith Cr, Lyneham
  • consolidate Lyneham Shops services
  • streamline Route 7 equivalent through Braddon
  • reduce service to Duntroon & ADFA - will depend on what happens with Route 11
  • Livingston Av, Kambah
  • run only one side of Newman-Morris Cct, Oxley
  • Bugden Av, Gowrie
  • Jim Pike / Callaway, Gordon
Have I missed any?
Other possibilities may include:
  • Renmark/Eucumbene (Duffy, 25)
  • Louisa Lawson (Gilmore, 67)
  • Templestowe Ave, (Conder, 19/319)
  • Goreen/Euree St, (Campbell, 9)
  • Palmer St (Garran, 3)
  • Moonlight Av (Gungahlin, 58
  • Throsell/Dunstan (Curtin, 2) - could be complemented by a stop on the now duplicated Cotter Rd on 182 and xpressos near underpass (-35.315554, 149.077254)
Some routes are also highly redundant, and could be eliminated with a slight tweaking of existing routes, which in theory could then double the frequency of the retained route
  • 66 - slight alteration of 65 (add 2 mins) through chisholm.
  • Merge 63 and 64 - follow 64 through Wanniassa (eliminate Kambah), replace charlston with Barraclough, Cockcroft
  • Consolidate routes 9, 10 and 11 into two routes
  • etc. etc.
The Playground / Which Terminus Review #3
« Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses on April 22, 2018, 02:29:58 AM »
Please vote for your favourites or least desired, and post any feedback you may have.

A reminder of the past 10 drawings with provided gallery links below each drawing:

21. Bus 152 leaving Belconnen Westfield Station with TC Livery

22. Buses 621, 712 and a MAN A95 Double Decker at Lanyon Marketplace

23. Buses ZIB800 ex-Mercedes-Benz NSW UTA Demonstrator and ZIB315 Leyland National are seen at the Old Kambah Terminus

24. 2 AEC Reliance buses passing the Hackett Terminus

25. 2 Ex-STA long buses in the 'WE ARE CBR' AOA with ex-Newcastle 2619 and a Hino Poncho are seen at Fraser West Terminus

26. 6 Volvo B10M/Volgren buses are seen throughout the Cohen Street Bus Station, each with the liveries of ACTION buses from the 70's.

27. MAN 385 pulled up at the Gungahlin Marketplace

28. Euro 6 Scania 579 on School run 679 with the 'Free CBR Wifi' ad departing Fisher Terminus with Irisbus 305 broken down on the other side

29. Bus 119 passing Watson Terminus in the Transport Canberra livery with 621 waiting on the other side

30. STA's 3419 long bus with a bike rack it really shouldn't have passed by a TBX Bustech, with bus 967 breaking down as it passes a Bustech CDi double decker in the new forest green livery on the other side

Statistics from all drawings:

Total Bus variations used:

(ACTION Buses)

Renault PR100.2
Mk I4
Mk II5
803 Party Bus1
Renault PR100.3
Renault Articulated
Mk I3
Mk II0
Dennis Dart
Euro Class
E6 Scania2
Euro 6 Bustech1
490 (White Scania)0
490 NSW Demonstrator2
710 Electric0
711 Electric0
712 Electric/Diesel Hybrid1
800 Mercedes-Benz O.405 NSW Demonstrator....1
AEC Reliance2
O.305 1980s variant1
O.305 1990s variant0
O.305G 1980s variant0
O.305G 1990s variant1
Ex-ACTION (excluding mentions above)0


NSW Buses
Newcastle 26192
State Transit Authority3
Queanbeyan Volvo1
Queanbeyan 45501
VIC Buses
Other Australian Buses
International Buses
Renault PR:120.51
Volvo B10M/Volgren6

Shelters and signage:

Bus stop signs13
Orange boards9
Old Terminus shelters....5
Old Metal shelters2
Concrete bunkers4

Additional Features requested/used:

Bike racks3
Bikes on racks1
Rear view mirror sets29
Extra Bus Details
Engine grates (per bus)7
Body lines (per drawing)12
Proper window frames (per bus)21
Stickers (per bus)1
Logos/plaques (per bus)26
Window reflections (per drawing)2
Extra wheel details (per wheel set)24
AOA's/Ads (per bus)7
Concept liveries (per bus)1
Alternative liveries (per bus)11
AOA liveries (per bus)5
Shadows (per drawing)5
Sun effects (per drawing)1
Clouds and sky effects (per drawing)....4
Rain themed (with puddles)2
Snow themed (with puddles)1
Birds (per drawing)1
Looking out from within a bus1

Locations visited:

Total - 30 of 47
Terminii....14/23....(Torrens, Red Hill, Weston Creek, Theodore, Spence, Fyshwick, Farrer, Narrabundah, Pearce, Kambah, Hackett, Fraser West, Fisher, Watson)
Interchanges....4/5....(Tuggeranong, Woden, City, City West)
Stations....3/3....(Cohen Street, Belconnen Westfield, Belconnen Community)
Others....9/16....(Mitchel Cemetery, Cooleman Court, Campbell Park Offices, Dickson Shops, Kippax Fair, Kingston Railway Station, Erindale Shops, Lanyon Marketplace, Gungahlin Marketplace)

All previous and future drawings may also be visited at any time with this link -
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses on April 22, 2018, 12:06:44 AM »
@KoB Agreed, and much better put.

If anything, I hope at some point they give us back the hour later services we had, cause it's difficult enjoying life outside of work/school with friends (if you have any), parties, movies, conventions, graduations, events, etc without being forced to leave early or get a lift/taxi/uber to get home at a time when buses use to run - more specifically the suburban routes as the blue rapids somewhat still hold that title.

Quote from: King of Buses
The main issue I see is... route duplication in the current network... poor route timings and spacing. Fix that
For someone who use to ride bike living in the northern Tuggeranong area with much choice this had become quite an annoyance although there was quite a choice. Looking at this from Network '14 (with a slight improvement to the 64 in 2015, and combining 163 to the mayhem in 2015).

For someone like myself who would be trying to get home after evening classes nearly everyday from CIT for the past couple of years, and without getting the frustration of having to bore myself with a 300 every time and riding/walking more than a kilometre to get home, I would often find myself choosing between buses. Of course it was more interesting for me with my bike cause I had a choice of either Scania this, MAN that, and "oh look a Renault yes please!", but for someone in need of a bus to get home at these times (and it was just as bad from Tuggeranong too including 63/71 due to infrequency of no 163/171 from T) even with a possible walk from another route that is somewhat not too distant, this would be a real pain in the butt esp if the person is running late, is less able to between platforms cause of drivers enjoying their evening meal breaks and leaving at the exact same time together 10 minutes later, or even if the driver/bus never turns up - forcing a possible hour wait, or sorry walk home several kilomters from a 300...

Since 2014, the stupidness of multiple routes going mostly the same way for 20-40% of their route at the same time (for Tuggeranong residents) has since been improved somewhat for network '17, but it still lacks later services and better choices.
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Bus 400 on April 21, 2018, 11:45:42 PM »
If the plan is to run on demand services, you could cut Lyons out of the current 21/22. Or even cut the 88 to on demand.

On even have one bus route go through Bonython & add bus stops on Drakeford Dr.

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Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by King of Buses on April 21, 2018, 10:02:45 PM »
While there are many places where services could/should be made more direct, I'm not convinced streamlining every route where possible is quite the right way to go, as you'll lose patronage in areas where people have to go further to catch buses, regardless of how frequent you run services as people will begin to find it more convenient to drive or find a different way to their destination. Elderly patrons may also find it difficult to reach services and will therefore be placed in a difficult situation due to being less mobile.

As Barry Drive said, most circumstances where routes would/could be cut from wouldn't improve travel times that much.

The main issue I see is that there is a considerable amount of unnecessary route duplication in the current network, or duplication that doesn't work given poor route timings and spacing. Fix that, or improve it in cases where duplication is unavoidable, and you're making a step in the right direction. While I don't totally agree with the Rapid Network plan, it should hopefully help reduce some duplication in some areas, provided services terminate and connect in along these Rapid corridors, rather than duplicating them for significant portions, where possible.

Bringing back 30 min (or better) day time frequencies for all suburban services would definitely be an improvement (and a big boost which would make PT more appealing), and it could possibly be achieved by increasing the number of through shifts and reducing the number of broken shifts (which does mean more shifts as a whole, yes, but more shifts operating through the middle of the day, too). But, my point being, it might be possible with roughly the same number of drivers and the current fleet (plus the next 40 buses, which will help). Once Woden Depot is operational there should be no excuse for services to operate hourly instead of every 30 mins (or better) during off peak on weekdays.
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