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Off Topic / Robberies at Woden
« Last post by Toyota Camry on Today at 07:27:35 PM »
I have read about this at Reddit; you should take care in that area at night. It may be better to wait for a bus to your destination, than to try walking and get robbed.
After working in security in and around Woden for many years and seeing this news article today

I want people to know that a similar situation is occurring outside Westfield Woden at the top entrance on Corinna St. after around 8:30PM at night. Several people work in a group to approach and rob people leaving Woden when they are leaving the restaurants, or leaving from the top Coles and Woolworths entrance.

The scam involves a scout watching in to Westfield shopping centre from the Corinna Chambers side of Corinna St. near the Taxi rank. From there the scout can see people using the ATMs outside the chemist, buying alchocol/cigarettes at the bottle shop and leaving restaurants. They never cross onto the Westfield side of the road to avoid Westfield security getting involved. They generally target males that are by themselves or in small groups, eg. leaving drunk from a restaurant.

They walk along Corinna St. following the victim from across the road until the victim leaves the area managed by Westfield security. This is nearly always the pedestrian crossing on Keltie St. and the pedestrian crossing to the Woden Library, and the pedestrian crossing that leads to the car park and pedestrian footpath at the corner of Hindmarsh and Melrose Dr.

A female will often signal to others and then approach the victim asking for cigarettes, a lighter, spare change etc. If the victim refuses the female will call out something to draw attention to the victim and intimidate bystanders such as "don't you f**ken touch me", "get your f**ken hands off me". This also gives a second male from the scam the opportunity to move in and assist. The threats then escalate quickly into serious threats of violence. In some situations, the second male that approaches will use a brindle coloured dog on a leash to intimidate the victim.

They take usual items of value like alcohol, cigarettes, wallets, phones and then run towards Melrose Dr. If the victim is approached/attacked at the Keltie St. crossing, they run towards the tunnel behind Chemist Warehouse and often throw stolen items into the garden near the day care so they can be retrieved later to avoid being found in possession of them if Police do turn up.

I have seen Police do a loop in a car from the Woden Police station when called by security but not much else. It may be because of embarrassment that it was a woman, wanting to leave the situation, time of night or concerns for safety, but victims rarely stay to give statements.

If you are around the Corinna St. entrance of Woden after hours, be extremely vigilant and stay safe.
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Barry Drive on Today at 11:07:21 AM »
This does raise an interesting question though: what will happen with the anti-peak flow,  particularly of "Rapids"?

Will there be almost empty buses operating the full route to Spence, Dunlop and Watson in the morning, but running at peak frequency? (And reverse in the evenings?)
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Bus 400 on Yesterday at 10:01:42 PM »
At the moment, 514 route services start between 7-9am in Canberra. This excludes buses that start at 06:59 or earlier & 09:00 & later. I also haven't counted all school services yet.

Without knowing not in peak direction frequencies, roughly 360 services will run in one direction. By the looks of things, it'll be the cutting school buses which will get this network.
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Toyota Camry on Yesterday at 08:53:11 PM »
For those of us like myself who have only buses as a choice of accessibility (no taxi, no phone for uber, nothin')
I recommend that you visit the Optus store at Westfield Woden; they are very helpful and can sell you a mobile phone that will allow you to use ride sharing applications including Uber, GoCatch and Ola.
Fleet / Re: Renaults a-go-go partie deux
« Last post by Barry Drive on July 14, 2018, 02:18:23 PM »
Despite what was mentioned above, Bus 104 is believed to have been withdrawn due to a mechanical failure. Although there is also the possibility it will be repaired at a later time.

We may know for certain once the annual bus registration renewal occurs.
Fleet / Re: 40 new Scanias in 2018
« Last post by Barry Drive on July 14, 2018, 02:11:50 PM »
Progress report -

Deliveries are about 3 weeks behind the published contract, but there is no urgency for new buses right now.

5 buses in service: 652 - 656 went into service last week (all at Belconnen); no new buses in service this week.

12 further buses are now delivered: (Bustech: ) 643 644 & 647 (Volgren: ) 657 658 659 660 661
662 663 664 & 665
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses on July 14, 2018, 09:29:00 AM »
Well on the second of the consultations at the City Interchange of which I went to, the CEO of TC visited for a little while, and I discussed many things with him. This extended hours thing was one such subject. There seems to be a plan that late hours travel is one key thing they're working on, and although even now most services will have little to none passengers on board these, one of my points was "it's better to know that there's a bus there to take you home, rather than knowing that you're gonna be stranded". For those of us like myself who have only buses as a choice of accessibility (no taxi, no phone for uber, nothin'), travelling home from select areas is difficult.

Another issue is the connection times between rapids and suburban routes where they don't meet even by 2 or 3 minutes without your first connection being very early or the inconvenience of walking home many kilometres from a rapid due to a service home you need doesn't run late enough. I'm lucky enough to not have to worry too much about this living just under a K from the Wanniassa PnR stop, but cause of that walking distance I would rather a closer bus. At the moment I've been actively doing things at the German Club in Narrabundah late in the evenings, I must get the 6 to Woden that is suppose to come by at 9:50pm so I can be in Woden either for the 60S (10pm) if a few minutes early or the 64S (10:20pm) if on time or late. However these events I would rather stay right to the end for, but in doing so I would need to wait for the next 6, but it means missing all suburban connections to Kambah back home and getting an Intertown. Until recently I've been having to report the drivers cause they've been up to 7 minutes early which is bad planning on the times designers, but it is something that is manageable even though I wish there were more options. I would much prefer to get a 62 at around that time, but for some reason there is no later 62S at that time (and many others like that for a lot of other routes). However, someone did have to pay this unfortunate price the other day though. A woman walked up to the 64S (10:20pm) I boarded the other night asking to go to either Chisholm or Gilmore, and I knew the 66 or 67 go there, and noticing that the 67 on the other side of the Interchange had left just moments before, I thought there was another 66, but going over my timetable noticing there wasn't, and it left 40 minutes prior. Wrong place, wrong time. She was pretty much screwed unless she was lucky to pick up a taxi or something cause there was pretty much nothing else except walking home from Athllon or Tuggeranong which I seriously doubt.

The unfortunate things about late night services and the main reasons for the cuts is cause of the cost, but it's not like that should matter too much cause like what the CEO (I will not disclose him name unless it's allowed) agreed with me is, if ACTION/TC was privately run and didn't have the government support to pay for all this, it would've gone bankrupt over 50+ years ago. So what's the point in arguing if a few extra buses should run for those who (emphasis on the 'may') may need them at night. I have noticed quite often getting the last services at night on different runs, there's most often no one on them, including the rapids, but every now and again there's someone.

Quote from: Bus 400
the new network will be done within the current budget
Some would wonder how there's even a budget left after the Lightrail is finished.

On another note, I think the Fairburn, Campbell thing will be considered again cause many people who came by on the day I was there were concerned about it. I eves dropped one such person say "thousands of people work there" - obviously not of all them catch the bus, but maybe 5-10% of them do.
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Northside on July 13, 2018, 11:09:13 PM »
Without a detailed timetable how can you tell where bus hours are or arenít being used?

Going by the estimated frequencies for each service (on the regional pages of the website). As mentioned, there are several services that have significantly reduced frequencies in peak and outside. Gungahin routes havenít had any increase in frequency (51/51 have both been halved outside of peak). Just one new route essentially and the only region without a suburban Rapid Route. Popular inner northern routes, ie the current 1, 2 and 7 have been decimated and weird detours added to either force transfers to the light rail or prevent passengers from using a bus service within 1-2kms of the light rail. Iím starting to wonder if there is a clause in the operators contract about forcing pax on to the light rail.

As you mention the red rapid has about 20 buses in one hour in the peak many that I see on northborne have the bus full sign up to be replaced by 10 light rail services. Plus some North Canberra buses will feed Dickson and onto light rail. Capacity wise probably needs 15 light rail carriage worth an hour to carry the same number of people or share the love and keep some express buses. The best answer would be for some of the suburbs in west Gungahlin like Casey, Taylor, Nicholas to have. a direct service via the Barton highway.

I think the howls on Canberra Times with people saying this is a white elephant and will never be used are kidding themselves. This has no where near the capacity it needs in peak. As for interpeak, Iíve noticed a huge increase in pax on the 200 on weekends now that it is every 15 mins, so I think people will be surprised how well it will be used. After all, there is a huge student population in the high density apartments all along the route. For all the Tuggeranong residents wondering why they wonít ever get a light rail line, thatís the reason ó Tuggers is all urban sprawl and hasnít near the required density for light rail.

Anyway, end of rant. A simpler way to increase capacity is to have fewer of the inner bus routes requiring a transfer at Dickson. Why doesnít the 50 between Dickson and Watson continue to the city along the 52 route? Why doesnít the 30 or 31 continue on to the city via the 51? Both have places where pax can transfer to a Dickson service on the R9. That would save time on transfer and with the routes having to negotiate the terribly congested east-west traverse from antil to moat.

All in all, I like the concept, itís just been executed so poorly and so underwhelmingly.
Routes and Timetables / Re: Network 2018
« Last post by Toyota Camry on July 13, 2018, 10:17:24 PM »
Today I was driving on Coulter Drive at 6pm; I noticed an inbound 15 bus from Spence. It was bus 910; there was only one passenger onboard.

I do worry if there will be enough passengers from that area to justify the full time rapid service from next year; known as route R3.
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