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Fleet / Re: Minor Maintenance/Repairs Thread
« Last post by Busfanatic101 on Yesterday at 06:15:30 PM »
The ACTION tow truck was on Callam Street rescuing 305 around 11am this morning.
429 was broken down at Woden Bus Station yesterday morning at a similar time
News / Re: More bike racks?
« Last post by Barry Drive on Yesterday at 10:12:36 AM »
521 has now been seen with a bike rack fitted.

So that's all of them.

Another report states that 409 buses will have racks.

The current number is: 398 buses with bike racks, which is 93.9% of the regular service fleet (excludes Darts).
Photo of the Month / Re: Photo of the Month - July 2017
« Last post by Barry Drive on Yesterday at 09:55:14 AM »
Voting has commenced.
News / Re: Bus stops to become smoke free?
« Last post by Barry Drive on June 26, 2017, 02:50:21 PM »
Ban to take effect from 1 October 2017.

Now take a look at when this topic started.
Fleet / Re: General Fleet Discusson
« Last post by King of Buses on June 25, 2017, 12:03:17 PM »
I don't think so, but only got a brief view of the back as when I first heard it and thought that sounds like a PR2 I was like no it can't be and ignored it until it came past and I couldn't ignore it any longer. If it was pink, it would be quite out of place in Fadden

I very much doubt it would have been a current ACTION PR100.2. If it was pink though it would've (probably) had flashing lights and loud music coming from within. Of course, the lights and music could've been switched off while driving through suburbia given the time of night. Then again, it might not have even been the pink one in question - there is more than one ex ACTION Renault PR100.2 running about down here...
Fleet / Re: General Fleet Discusson
« Last post by Busfanatic101 on June 25, 2017, 11:46:18 AM »
Was it pink?
I don't think so, but only got a brief view of the back as when I first heard it and thought that sounds like a PR2 I was like no it can't be and ignored it until it came past and I couldn't ignore it any longer. If it was pink, it would be quite out of place in Fadden
The Playground / Re: Which Terminus is it #20
« Last post by Barry Drive on June 25, 2017, 10:47:48 AM »
Well, who was the fool who added this to the gallery then?

That photo correctly shows the location of Pearce Terminus. The drawing does not.
The Playground / Which Terminus/Interchange is it Review #2
« Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses on June 25, 2017, 02:18:20 AM »
Another 10 down, another 10-ish to go.

Once again, I have created this post to show you all my latest 10 major artworks. I would like to request that you pick your favourites (or least hated) of these 10, and also post in some feedback about my drawings; Improvements, techniques, things I could work more/less on. You can comment on a specific drawing if you like, general feedback is much appreciated.
Whatever you say that is constructive, I will use to help improve my skills to make my art either look better, more suitable, or just to overly improve the way I draw. I would like feedback this time, as I didn't receive any last time. I will be making myself more known in the artist community in the future, but I would like to start out here for now, and get something from more professional artists before making any steps forward.

Please choose up to your favourite or least hated 5 drawings (drawing development links are located below each drawing for you to view too - in case you hadn't seen them before)

A reminder of the past 10 drawings:

11. 777 at Campbell Park Offices

12. Concept PR:120.5 Steer-tag at Farrer Terminus

13. 725 at Narrabundah Terminus

14. Queanbeyan bus Volvo 4541 at Dickson Shops

15. 886 and the back of a Mk2 P2 at City Bus Interchange

16. Ex-ACTION 803, Mercedes-Benz 604 and 617 at Kippax Fair

17. Ex-ACTION 803 Party Bus with Ex-Newcastle 2619 at Kingston Railway Station

18. MAN SL500 bus 441, 717, 920, 343, 490b, 135 and 625 all at the City West Layover of the City West Bus Interchange

19. Qcity's 4550 and 135 with 2013 Centenary Loop AOA at Erindale Centre

20. Ex-S.ACTION Irisbus 299 passing Pearce Terminus

Stats: - these include details from the previous 10, current 10, and details I would like to include in the future. A note for your reference to possibly include in your instructions for my future rounds to further challenge my skills.

Total Bus variations used:
  • P2's x9
     -Mk1 x4
     -Mk2 x4
     -MkX x0
     -Unknown x1
  • P3s x1
     -standard x1
     -♿ x0
  • 180.2s x3
     -Mk1 x3
     -Mk2 x0
  • Darts x4
     -Mk1 x3
     -Mk2 x1
  • Iris x3
  • Scania x2
  • MAN x1
  • Euro 5 x1
  • Euro 6 x1
  • Euro 6 Bustech x1
  • Steer-tag x1
  • Scania Artic x1
  • SL500s x2
  • SG192s x0
  • O.305s x1
     -1980s Variant x1
     -1990s Variant x0
  • O.305Gs x1
     -1980s Variant x0
     -1990s Variant x1
  • Other Vintage ACTION x0
     -(specifically) x0
  • ACTION Trial buses x1
     -490w x0
     -490b x2
  • Ex-ACTION x1
  • NSW buses x0
  • Queanbeyan x2
     -Volvo x1
     -4550 x1
  • Sydney/Newcastle buses x1
  • VIC buses x0
  • Other Australian buses x0
  • Coaches x0
  • International buses x0
  • Fantasy/Concepts x2
     -120.5 x1

  • Bus stop signs x7
  • Bus stop Pegs x1
  • Orange Boards x3
  • Old Terminus Shelters x3
  • Old Metal Shelters x2
  • Concrete Bunkers x2
  • Adshel x1
  • Others x3

AOAs x5
Swapped Liveries x0
Concept Liveries x1
Features used that weren't actually there at the time of the drawing (excluding the buses) x18
Unused/rejected instructions x15
Back-up/Think-on-the-spot ideas used x5
Bike Racks x1

Locations visited: 20 of 32~
Termini: 9 of 11 (Farrer, Fyshwick, Narrabundah, Pearce, Red Hill, Spence, Theodore, Torrens, Weston Creek Termini)
Interchanges: 4 of 4 (Tuggeranong, Woden, City, City West Bus Interchanges)
Bus Stations: 0 of 3
Others: 7 of ? (Campbell Park Offices, Cooleman Court, Dickson Shops, Erindale, Kingston Railway Station, Kippax Fair, Mitchell Cemetery)

Details will be updated on new posts for every 10 sets of drawings.
The Playground / Which Terminus is it #21
« Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses on June 25, 2017, 02:03:42 AM »
Welcome again to the 21st 'Which Terminus is it?' game.

The rules have been modified slightly.

  • 1 entry/guess each unless otherwise instructed. Hints will be posted in to aid those who are unsure (or to encourage those who do know the answer) every 4-7 days as the round continues.
  • In your entry, please state the Terminus, Interchange/Station, or Suburb name, do not use bus stop numbers or street name/s unless requested. I may also request for more information to accurately pinpoint the exact location - this could involve breaking a rule, but will be allowed as an exception for this - I don't want to repeat the same stupid mistake as what happened in Game #12
  • I would like to have more variety for the inspiration when creating the works, so previous winners will not be excluded when they have higher win counts than others, unless they have won the last two.

Please be advised however, participating will require your input for the artwork. Instructions will be privately messaged to you soon after you submit the correct answer, with the full list of options that you can either take from and give me a couple of things to work with, pick many of them to present me with a challenge, or you can use a variety of both the listed options + anything else you would like to see. I do have my limitations - if anything you've requested does exceed one of my limitations I will let you know.
When necessary and you do not submit any details to me either by the provided due date, I will cancel the entry and use one of my back-up ideas. I would prefer to not do this, however just in case, I am now thinking of what I can draw prior to the game round closures.
Rounds may also be cancelled prior to users submitting answers if something inspirational comes to mind for a particular drawing.

  • Only post if your comment includes you entry - at least until the correct entry has been revealed or if further confirmation for the answer is required, then all discussions may continue
  • No verbal disputes or/and controversies over my naming of the Termini/Interchanges vs Stations and multi-suburban-named termini
  • No cheating by copying other users answers if you don't know it

Which terminus/interchange does this look like?

The Playground / Re: What bus did you get today?
« Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses on June 25, 2017, 01:06:59 AM »
568 (962N)
608 (900N)
546 (980N)
576 (958S) - well I would've, had someone not crashed into the back of 576 as I was boarding it...
so instead, 574 (932S)
626 (900S)
421 (900S)
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