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Fleet / Re: Bus Discussion (2019-)
« Last post by Bus 503 on Today at 08:51:12 PM »
What is a long time? I have a ride record on 9th November last year.

I don't remember seeing it at all in January and February this year. Can't quite recall whether I saw 491 in December 2018—it's possible, but I don't remember ever seeing it then.
The Playground / Re: Cook Shops Drawing
« Last post by Skitube on Today at 08:35:59 PM »
What next, 967 blowing up a plane at Canberra Airport 'Speed' style?

stop giving me ideas
Canberra Metro / Re: Light Rail Stage 1 Construction
« Last post by Busnerd on Today at 02:13:00 PM »
Noticed at Gungahlin Place stop yesterday that the recently installed MyWay readers were in various states of operations.

Some displayed messages that the reader was unavailable and to use another, others had Parkeon logos, one had Windows? error messages, and one of the ones not fenced off seemed to be working, I tapped on and got a green tick and my balance displayed? I took my card away and the screen returned to the tap on message so I'm not 100% sure, I did however take a photo of when I tapped off again a few moments later.
Photo of the Month / Re: March 2019
« Last post by Busnerd on Today at 02:06:10 PM »
Interesting that they've updated the rear portion of the AOA but the rest remains the same by the looks of it.
Photo of the Month / Re: March 2019
« Last post by Barry Drive on Today at 12:04:57 PM »
Some recent AOA photos from me -

Bus 443 entering Kippax (21 Feb 2019)

Bus 511 at Westfield Belconnen (20 Feb 2019)
The Playground / Re: What bus did you get today? (2019-)
« Last post by triumph on Yesterday at 11:49:02 PM »
649 (15)
679 (318)
563 (313)
680 (51)*
952 (250)
545 (315)
* Trivia: The inside fleet number on the panel above the windscreen on the driver's side has a different style of the numeral zero. It is a zero with an internal forward slash.
Canberra Metro / Re: LR general discussion
« Last post by triumph on Yesterday at 11:42:33 PM »
Came across an interesting item in the engineering report on the proposal to add a light rail right turn from King William St to North Terrace (East) in Adelaide. The limitations of the latest modern multi-module light rail vehicles in Adelaide has effectively made the proposal unfeasable. Adelaide's newest are 5 module Alstom Citadis 302. There is an articulation between each module BUT only horizontally (yaw). This enables sharp curvature with little overhangs. In PITCH however, to accommodate vertical curves (sags, crests) there is only ONE articulation point being at the join of the second to third module (or from the other end, the 3rd and 4th module) and aggravated by stiff bogie suspension. This pitch limitation was a major factor in making the proposal unworkable (the intersection has complex gradients).
Whilst this relates to the Citadis, I wonder if our CAF 5 module trams have a similar articulation arrangement? Searching the internet has so far not answered this question.
It could be very relevant to stage 2 design near Parliament House.
Canberra Metro / Re: Light Rail Stage 1 Construction
« Last post by triumph on Yesterday at 11:24:23 PM »
.......It is extraordinarily difficult to find technical details on anything..... Other examples include..... the rail size, treatment and supplier (the media reported specially treated from Europe, I believe it to be VoestAlpine, who have a large number of standard catalogue sizes and steel treatments);......
Having had the opportunity to measure a rail sample and compare the measurements with the 26 sizes of grooved rail in the VoestAlpine 2017 catalogue, I am satisfied that the first listed size profile '51R1 (R152R13; R152) with a mass of 51.42kg/m is the only catalogued profile size consistent with all the measurements I took.
I say 'consistent with' as there is a footnote in the catalogue 'All rail profiles can be manufactured also with other tolerances, subject to agreement with Sales and Technology departments.' It does seem unlikely though that a new system would want other than a catalogued size.
There are heat treatments catalogued which can be applied, but which one cannot be determined from simple inspection.
The rail is the lightest in the catalogue which seems so appropriate for a light rail system.
(By the way, VoestAlpine is certainly the rail source.)
The Playground / Re: Cook Shops Drawing
« Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses on Yesterday at 11:12:12 PM »
Lol, nice eyebrows ;D
The Playground / Re: Cook Shops Drawing
« Last post by King of Buses on Yesterday at 10:56:40 PM »

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