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Bus 614
Chassis Mercedes O.305G
Depot Belconnen
Entered Service 17 February 1983
Removed from Service April 1994
Desto Equipment Roller Blind
VIN 30700121030951
Body Ansair
Body Number MB1430
Body Date December 1982
Seating AB70FR
Fuel Diesel
Gallery Album Bus 614

Bus 614 was a Mercedes O.305G Articulated Vehicle


  • It was delivered on 17 December 1982
  • It entered service at Belconnen Depot on 17 February 1983.
  • It last operated for Manly Coaches (MO 2949) and as of January 2009 had been sold with plans to convert it to a motor-home.
  • It previously operated for Symons Narooma
  • Bus 614 was the first of the O.305G's to be delivered. Fleet number 613 was left as the last number of an order of 29 O.305 units. However, the 29th unit was delayed and ended up being the third O.305G unit to be built.