Between 1993 and 1996, 42 Renault PR100.3 buses were delivered to ACTION. All of these buses were built on the Austral Denning “Starliner” body (from Brisbane), but there were 5 varieties of these vehicles.

The first bus to be built was Bus 991 (build date: June 1993). It was built as to run on Compressed Natural Gas. A second CNG bus, Bus 990 was delivered in 1994. These buses are also referred to as PR100.3NGV.

Following 991 were 4 prototype PR100.3s – 992 to 995 – built in 1993. Buses 996 onwards used a new Euro II spec engine and increased braking capacity.

In June 1994, Bus 113 was built as a prototype “wheelchair access” bus with no-step entry, electric ramp and wheelchair bays. In 1996, Buses 126 to 131 were additional wheelchair-accessible buses but with plug doors and a modified interior layout. These 7 buses are also referred to as PR100.3a

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