Featured Bus – December 2012

When operating Route 66 in December 2008, Bus 148 suffered an engine fire on Bugden Ave, Gowrie.

Bus 148 is a Dennis Dart SLF ‘Midi Bus’ which entered service in 1997. It has a Crusader body by Robert Wright & Son (now known as “Wrightbus”) of Northern Ireland, UK.

Whilst the Dennis Dart may not be the most popular bus amongst enthusiasts and bus drivers alike, this vehicle has been selected as Featured Bus for December 2012 as a result of a engine fire four years ago this month. Bus 148 was operating Route 66 from Woden to Tuggeranong, but made it as far as Bugden Avenue, Gowrie when the fire was detected.

The fire was successfully extinguished by the ACT Fire Brigade, but the damage resulted in the vehicle being removed from service for more than half of the following year. It was eventually repaired and re-entered service with a fresh coat of paint in August 2009.

Bus 148 at City West in August 2009 after being repaired.

As with all Dennis Darts, Bus 148 was originally fitted with an electrically-operated Tieman wheelchair ramp, but due to reliability problems, the ramp was replaced by a Custom Coaches manual flip-out ramp.

Bus 148 has mostly been based at Tuggeranong Depot, although it was moved to Belconnen Depot in April 2005 but later returned south.

In July 2016, Bus 148 was wrapped into a new livery and transferred to Belconnen Depot where it is now used exclusively on the free City Loop service.

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