1974 Vehicle Shortage


Around the end of 1973, the Canberra bus service was faced with a deteriorating vehicle situation.

For example, on 7 January 1974 almost 70 vehicles of the fleet of 180 were not available for traffic. At the time, it was reported that the situation appeared to have arisen because of a number of factors, including a shortage of mechanics and the supply of spare parts [and new buses] being curtailed because of industrial disputes in Australia and overseas.

But the situation was about to get much worse, as free school travel was scheduled to be introduced on 1 February 1974.

Desperate times called for desperate measures, and the following buses were sourced to supplement the fleet: (more…)

1973 Fleet


The first bus service in Canberra was started in 1923 when the Department of Works obtained two buses for the transport of workmen to various building sites around the city. In addition, these buses also doubled as school buses. Early in 1925 a number of services for workmen were commenced from nearby Queanbeyan (in New South Wales), while Mrs H Barton commenced a local service in Canberra about the middle of the same year. (more…)

Canberra turns on the gas

Unlike some other Australian public sector bus undertakings, ACTION is taking a cautious approach to compressed natural gas. Perth, Adelaide and Sydney already have numbers of CNG-fueled buses in service or on order, while other city operators are still in the ‘try before you buy’ mode. This is not to Read more…