Photo of the Month – September 2015

Bus 470 at City West layover. Photo by "Man of Action"

Bus 470 at City West layover. Photo by “Man of Action”

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Featured Bus – September/October 2015

Bus 226 was the sole Ford R192 in the Canberra fleet.

Bus 226 was the sole Ford R192 in the Canberra fleet.

Bus 226 was a Ford R192 with body by Athol Hedges, that operated in Canberra between 1974 and 1976.

It was a one of a number of vehicles purchased during what became known as the 1974 vehicle shortage – a period where a shortage of spare parts, mechanics and new buses saw as many as one-third of the Canberra fleet off the road at any one time.

With an urgent need for additional buses, Bus 226 was a stock unit purchased from Athol Hedges Pty Ltd and was registered on 20 February 1974.

The only Ford R192 in the fleet, it featured a Ford 300 I6 engine and a five-speed synchromesh gearbox.

It was retired from service on 11 February 1976, due to the ongoing delivery of Volvo B58-56 and MAN SL200 buses.

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New ACTION timetable is performing above target

560 - Hibberson Street

Network 2014 timetable improvements have led to an improvement in on-time running.

Media Release: Shane Rattenbury MLA

The Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, today announced the new ACTION bus weekday timetable has led to improved on time running and service reliability.

“Since introducing the new weekday timetable, 79 per cent of bus services have been on time. That has exceeded our network target of 75 per cent and improved on the figure of 73 per cent for the previous timetable,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“Service reliability is also tracking well at 99.6 per cent, and ACTION is on target to deliver 99.6 per cent reliability for June.

“These figures build on the findings of our municipal services survey, which found that 76% of people who use ACTION bus services are satisfied with the service. That’s up from 65% last year. ACTION was also ranked higher than 67% of public transport providers across Australia,” Mr Rattenbury said.

Mr Rattenbury said that performance data from the MyWay system, which records running times, has been used to improve the latest timetable and bus services in the ACT.

“Exceeding the on time running target is a great result, but it’s only the first step in improvements to our bus services.

“We’re continuing to improve our services to ensure that ACTION delivers the best possible service to customers.”

ACTION will continue to monitor the timetable for improvements. Suggestions for improvement are welcomed and can be made at

Released: 24 June 2015

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Welcome to ACT Bus

ACT Bus is a Canberra-based Transport Enthusiast Website. Given that buses are the primary mode of public transport in Canberra, the site has a heavy emphasis on ACTION Buses.

We aim to provide a place for transport enthusiasts to discuss their hobby and contribute to the preservation of the history of buses in the Canberra region.

Our site is split into a number of key areas:

  • Website – Articles covering infrastructure, routes, fleet specifications, news items and historic events and service initiatives
  • Gallery – Over 5,000  images of current and former ACTION Buses, plus infrastructure and historic timetables.
  • Fleet Wiki – In-depth fleet information dating back to the 1920s, with individual articles on over 1,400 buses together with fleet lists and summaries for both the current and former fleet.
  • Forum – A place where people who have an interest in public transport can gather and discuss their hobby
  • Retired Employees Club Website – ACT Bus also hosts the Retired ACT Transport Employees Club Website.

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