Photo of the Month – July 2014

Bus 348 departing Belconnen Depot. Photo by 'Bus 400'

Bus 348 departing Belconnen Depot. Photo by ‘Bus 400′

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Featured Bus – July 2014

Bus 320 on Marcus Clarke St Canberra City. Photo by J Tokaji

Bus 320 on Marcus Clarke St.

Bus 320 is a Scania L94UB bus with “CB60″ body by Custom Coaches, which entered service on 2 July 2004.

It was the first of a 54-vehicle fleet of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-fuelled Scania L94UBs which were delivered to ACTION between June 2004 and December 2006.

This vehicle was the first CB60 bodied bus ordered by ACTION and the first to be built for ACTION by Custom Coaches since 1981.

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The first buses to Tuggeranong

Bus 233 was the first bus to operate a revenue service to Tuggeranong.

Bus 233 was the first bus to operate a revenue service to Tuggeranong.

This article was originally published in 1989 as ‘Fifteen years of Tuggeranong Buses’

Tuggeranong’s first public transport ran on 24 June 1974. On that day the Canberra City Omnibus Service, as ACTION was known then, ran a bus from Woden Interchange to Kambah on Route 22. There were only six houses in Kambah occupied on 24 June but the population increased rapidly towards the end of 1974.

Two buses were required to provide the base timetable to Tuggeranong: a 1961 AEC Reliance, #48, and a brand new AEC Swift, No 233.

The Swift, driven by Alan Bicker, was given the honour of being the first bus to Canberra’s third new town. Leaving Woden at 6.20am and returning from Kambah at 6.57am, Alan had one passenger, ACTIONs Ian Cooper. Other drivers to Kambah on 24 June 1974 were Charlie Theuma and John Hodgetts.

Kambah’s first terminus was at the intersection of Boddington Crescent and Carleton Street. Buses ran via Namatjira Drive, the only access to Tuggeranong in those days.

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Budget 2014 – Investing in Roads and Transport

The 2014-15 ACT Budget makes a $69.9 million investment into roads and transport across Canberra, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services Shane Rattenbury announced today.

Improving the accessibility of the public transport system is a priority in the 2014-15 Budget, with additional funding for weekend ACTION bus services as well as improved coordination of community buses to supplement  the new ‘Network 14’ bus network.  The 2014-15 Budget invests in an upgrade to the Woden Bus Station and construction of a new bus station in Erindale.

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ACTION Policy on taking photos/video of Buses

Following a request from ACT Bus, ACTION supplied a copy of their policy on taking photos and/or video of its Buses. It has been reproduced below as supplied:

ACTION would like to acknowledge that there is no law in place to prevent a person from collecting photographs or video in public areas. However, ACTION’s operational staff have special responsibilities to maintain a high degree of diligence and to investigate suspicious incidents such as a person taking photographs or videos.

ACTION employees are advised to enquire after the reason for collecting photos. If the activities of the person collecting the photos are causing, or likely to cause a safety issue, nuisance, annoyance or unacceptable invasion of privacy to other people they will be requested to cease collecting photos or video.

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Welcome to ACT Bus

ACT Bus is a Canberra-based Transport Enthusiast Website. Given that buses are the primary mode of public transport in Canberra, the site has a heavy emphasis on ACTION Buses.

We aim to provide a place for transport enthusiasts to discuss their hobby and contribute to the preservation of the history of buses in the Canberra region.

Our site is split into a number of key areas:

  • Website – Articles covering infrastructure, routes, fleet specifications, news items and historic events and service initiatives
  • Gallery – Over 5,000  images of current and former ACTION Buses, plus infrastructure and historic timetables.
  • Fleet Wiki – In-depth fleet information dating back to the 1920s, with individual articles on over 1,400 buses together with fleet lists and summaries for both the current and former fleet.
  • Forum – A place where people who have an interest in public transport can gather and discuss their hobby
  • Retired Employees Club Website – ACT Bus also hosts the Retired ACT Transport Employees Club Website.

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